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    Martin DeWulf passing

    I just learned from Positive Feedback that Martin passed away at 65. I will miss him. I knew Martin from Bound For Sound and talked to him many times. I'll never forget the time at Chicago CES when I was leaning back in one of the listening chairs and fell into his lap. He saved my fall. We...
  2. J

    Leonard Cohen

    Does anyone know if the Leonard Cohen Live in London's LP is from an analog master?
  3. J

    Oppo out

    Oppo is going out of business. Buy your 4K UDP- 205's now before they are gone.
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    power conditioner

    I would like to add a great power conditioner to just my Bricasti dac. I have dedicated lines on everything. I would like the big boys but they are for whole systems. I need just two plugs. Usually the small ones are not any good. Any suggestions?
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    On no Gomer Pyle

    Now Jim Nabor's has past. Gomer Pyle was the best. I sure liked when he yelled citizens arrest citizens arrest to Barnie Fife. RIP
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    Ethernet cable

    Can anyone recommend a network or cat 5 cable to go between the server and my DAC. I am willing to spend money but not 1000,s of dollars.
  7. J

    Dedicated Lines or power conditioning

    I have always wondered why people who have say 5 or 6 dedicated lines and then buy a power conditioner. This defeats the purpose of the dedicated lines as now everything is plugged into only one dedicated line. Doesn't it make sense to have an isolating transformer for each dedicated line? How...
  8. J

    Noise filter for PC

    Can anyone recommend a ac line conditioner just for my PC computer server. I would like to reduce the effects of all the switching power supplies noise in the computer. It could be a one plug filter, but I want a good one.
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    Taking care of grounding

    Telos who was at CES 2015, claims that their new Quantum Noise Resonator works better than the passive grounding units. Its a lot less money as well. I asked Telos why do I need their unit because I disconnect all my grounds at the wall outlet. I know this is not code, but I don't have any...
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    Technics RS-1500US

    I am thinking about buying my friends unit. The heads are in great shape and it has all the upgraded parts from bottlehead. It has a bypass switch to bypass its internal circuits to go directly to the tubed bottlehead electronics. Do you feel this combo would sound as good as a Studer or other...

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