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  1. audioblazer

    Belt Drive Turntable sucks ? What do u thk

    99% of us are using belt drive turntable . “ We don’t do belt drive turntables ? Why ? They sucks !! what do u think ?
  2. audioblazer

    Must have Mono Reissues

    Bought a Miyajima Zero a couple of years ago, didn’t like how it sounded & hardly listened to it ( maybe not even run in ) until I demoed it with a Miyajima Mono step up transformer . Wow, mono is fun. Decided to upgrade to Miyajima Infinity 0.7mil . Pretty difficulty to find mono vinyl from the...
  3. audioblazer

    “ Supremized “ Audio room

  4. audioblazer

    Vitused Audio Room

    A crazy hobby, a journey but not an ego trip
  5. audioblazer

    Ocellia Cables by a Frenchman in Canada

    Anybody has any experience with Ocellia silver cables particularly the OCC Reference SC ? Not much info except for 3 reviews ( English) by 6moons . Feedback much appreciated thanks
  6. audioblazer

    Some interesting stuff at Munich 2016

    Superb sounding - so fast & dynamic . Probably will sound better the next 2/3 days after running in The stereo amp is an interesting 100 watter designed by Frans de Witt. A totally new amp called Signature Origin . Looks and sound great pairing with Zellaton Statement. Fr the demo at 3 syst...
  7. audioblazer

    Upgrade to Reproduce card & Stabilizer card

    Has anybody try mastertapesoundlab repro & stabiliser card upgrade ? Wonder what improvement it can bring for Euro 800 for repro amps & improved stabiliser card for Euro 190 or entirely redesigned card for Euro 1280. Price inclusive of VAT. Any feedback is much appreciated
  8. audioblazer

    Record cleaner alternative

    Audio desk is hopelessly unreliable in my experience . Ultrasonic V8 simple enough & reasonably price . KLaudio excellent but not exactly cheap & not available in my country . Now I have found an alternative which is much cheaper & I think will do the job equally well...
  9. audioblazer

    Studer A80 R modification.

    I have a studer A810 that was modified for direct head output . Am thinking of acquiring another Studer A80 R with modification to accept external preamp . May I know what is the right way to do such modification or your recommendation of how such modification should be done . My Studer A810...
  10. audioblazer

    Trinity - hype or is it a real deal ?

    Since I was looking for a preamplifier & with the superb pre owned price of trinity preamp ( still another unit for sales ) , I decided to give trinity preamp a try . So is it a mere hype or a real deal as good as some posted . After having the opportunity to listen to the trinity stereo & mono...
  11. audioblazer

    Goebel Époque Reference with Baforce Subwoofer

    Goebel factory visit . 1 of the 2 speakers I will buy if I have the opportunity . The other would be Rockport Arrakis 2
  12. audioblazer

    Studer A810 with Tube Repro

    After putting my system out of commission for a few months while waiting for renovation of my new audio room to be completed , I was excited to put the reel to reel through its pace but unfortunately it was not be . Discovered that the system sounded much louder on the left speaker compared to...
  13. audioblazer

    How unreliable is audio desk RCM ?

    Bought the Audio Desk RCM despite having 2 other RCM , namely , Loricraft PRC4 & VPI 17f. It's so convenient that I cleaned every single LP I bought unlike previously. Unfortunately not very reliable . Within 1 month , it's spoiled & I need to send it back to Germany for repair . Took a long...
  14. audioblazer

    Transportation of Focal Stella

    Shifting house . Time to move to a new dedicated audio room. Need to carry the speakers a few flights up to the top floor . Is concern whether the focal can be carried horizontally & whether the neck can take its own weight . There is some kind of a metal bracing separating the tweeter from the...
  15. audioblazer

    Wilson alexandria xlf macadamia brown

    Wilson Alexandria XLF - Wilson audio current flagship speaker " need no introduction; every performance parameters improved significantly from the previous Alexandria . Wilson audio best speaker to date ; Owner is changing entire sound system hence offer this wonderful speakers for the new...
  16. audioblazer

    Koetsu coralstone platinum stereo

    For sales . A brand new unused Koetsu Coralstone platinum . Going cheap at USD8288. Shipping from Malaysia . Courier is cheap . PayPal 4%. If interested PM me thks
  17. audioblazer

    Transparent opus mm1

    This 10 ft Transparent Speaker cables need no introduction . Was retailing for usd30+k when it was introduction . Can be yours for only usd12.5k. Condition excellent , probably 9/10 except the over tighten spade connectors 6-7/10. Please take note the network is heavy & will cost a bit more to...
  18. audioblazer

    Should I have skylight at my dedicated audio room

    In the process of building my dedicated audio room & your opinion is much appreciated Renovated room will have a vaulted ceiling along the length of the room 28 ft long . Width 17' 10" . Side wall will be 7' 10" & it will peaked at about 12.5' . I am considering sealing the...
  19. audioblazer

    Axiom Tonearm with Arche headshell aligned using Smart Tractor

    Yesterday I have the privilege to have Dietrich Brakemeier , the owner & designer of Axiom tonearm to demo his arm at my place . For analog lover 1 of the biggest headaches is to set up catridge properly . I used to buy mintlp whenever I change tonearm & so far have a few mintlp . V accurate ...
  20. audioblazer

    What happen to Tara labs ?

    Tara labs used to have pretty much coverage in audio magazines . Lately seems to have fallen off the radar . I suppose that's what happen when the designer is no longer with the Co. Also I noticed that the top model like Zero IC , Cobalt PC & Omega Gold Speaker cables seems to be selling cheap...
  21. audioblazer

    Preferred aes/ebu 110 ohm digital cable you have tried

    Currently using Transparent Reference digital cable between my Aurender S10 and MSB diamond IV plus with Diamond Power supply . Looking for option to upgrade my digital cable . I know the best is subjective . Hence my thread titled : Preferred digital cable ......... Heard good things about...
  22. audioblazer

    MSB Signature dac iv plus vs CH Precision

    I m considering MSB Signature IV DAC with Diamond PSU with Galaxy Clock . However I have heard CH Precision & it sounded very good as well. Anybody has compare these unit selling for about the same price ie in the region of USD30k .
  23. audioblazer

    More reel to reel tapes

    I just got started using reel to reel recorder. To me its the ultimate source of audio orgasm. I acquired a studer A810 modified to accept Tube Repro. The stock electronic is good but didnt float my boat but with Tube Repro, even though it still need some burn in time, it really rock. Dynamic...
  24. audioblazer

    Horning speakers

    Anybody has listen to horning speaker? well received by the high end crown at Interesting usage of lowther driver only for midrange frequency and as a result do away with "shouting" issue with horn speakers and comes with 4 pairs of push pull bass drivers. Particularly keen in...

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