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    Pass 260.8's

    Thanks Tony, Your description is spot on to how Mark described them. Also our systems are extremely similar other than the speakers. I have Martin Logan Montis's. Thanks for your input.
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    Pass 260.8's

    I recently had a conversation with Mark at Reno Hifi. I'm looking to upgrade from my Pass Labs 250.8 and asked about 60.8's or even the 100.8's. One of the advantages of the 60.8's was a slightly smaller chassis in height. These would fit in my existing Timbernation audio rack. After...
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    Speakers for Pass Labs Electronics ?

    No..I'm still using my M/L Montis's. Also..Yes I am stilll using a 250.8 and an XP 12 pre. I'm a little hesitant to make the switch given my system sounds incredible as it is. Also...Its extremely hard to demo large floor standing speakers in my home. I also don't have any dealers in my area.
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    Speakers for Pass Labs Electronics ?

    I'm all in with Pass Labs. I have the 250.8---XP 12---and my phono pre is the XP 17. I have used electostatics for over 20 years, and for the last 4 years have used Martin Logan Montis's. As much as I love my current speakers, I'm getting the itch to transition into a non electrostatic. One of...
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    Which cables and power cords ?

    I currently have an XP-17 XP-12 Pre, and a 250.8 amplifier. I'm using all Audience cabling and Power Cords. I'm curious as to what other cabling/power cables work well with Pass Labs ? My Power cords are all AU 24 SEi's ... My interconnects are all AU 24 SX. What cabling and power...
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    Where to go from Electrostatics ?

    This will be a confusing post...but here it goes.... I've had electrostatics for 20 years...probably about 6-7 pairs. I currently have Martin Logan Montis's .. which I'm very happy with. On a whim...I recently bought an immaculate pair of Harbeth Super HL 35's I had no expectations other...
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    INT-60 Question

    I love this integrated amp. It drives my Martin Logan Montis's effortlessly. Recently I have been auditioning some Harbeth's. They are harder to drive, and I need to increase the volume noticeably. Example-Typical volume range with the Montis's is 36-42. Harbeth's its 44-52 The Pass Int-60...
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    Turntable-Under 15K new or under 10K used

    This is probably my next price the event I upgrade my VPI Prime Signature. Just curious....whats the next level??? Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated. I love VPI...but open to other brands. Thanks in advance.
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    Reno Hi-Fi took all prices on Pass products off their website?????

    Back to Mark at Reno HiFi.....I don't have a Pass Labs dealer anywhere even close to me (Cleveland) I'm not even sure if there is one in the state of Ohio. Mark was extremely helpful, and the home demo pretty much makes the buying/demo process as easy as possible. As a result I bought the...
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    Krelldog's Audio Gear

    Thanks, Yes the Int-60 has plenty of power and drives the Montis's rather effortlessly.
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    Transitioning from Electrostatics???

    Sleepy- I see you have the M/L Expression ESL 13a's. Can you share your thoughts on them? They are a big upgrade from the Montis"s ?
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    Transitioning from Electrostatics???

    I mainly listen to Classic Rock-Although I also love female vocalists, blues and some jazz. I'm located in Cleveland ,Ohio. All the great audio stores are long gone, so it makes it hard to audition new gear. I've picked the above speaker companies based on reviews and pleasing aesthetics. I'm...
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    Krelldog's Audio Gear

    More to come.....My humble system. Pass Labs Int 60---VPI Prime Signature/ Ortofon Cadenza Bronze/ Plinius Koru Phono Pre/ Yiggy DAC/ PS Audio P-10/ Martin Logan Montis Speakers With all Audience Cabling I mainly play LPs, but also play flac files from my Mac Mini/Thunderbolt...
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    Transitioning from Electrostatics???

    I have been listening to Martin Logans for the the last 15 years. I have worked my way up the ladder to my current martin Logan Montis's. I have no issues with fact I love how they sound. However like all audio junkies..i'm bored and considering a change. I'm considering Focal Sopra...
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    Focal Speakers..Specifically the Sopra No.2

    Would love some thoughts on these. I've read some great things about them. Anyone have any first hand experience with how they sound?
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    Is Pass Labs/Martin Logan a good match?

    I have the Martin Logan Montis's paired with a Pass Int 60....The sound is wonderful..full...detailed and most importantly very musical. I'm extremely happy with the match.
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    Cartridge loading- Low Output M/C

    Atmasphere- Can you recommend some phono cables that have low capacitance like you mention ? Thanks again for all your insight.
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    Cartridge loading- Low Output M/C

    audio.bill- Thanks for the reply. Which gain setting would you use- 60db's or 66 ?
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    Cartridge loading- Low Output M/C

    I have a Plinius Koru- Here are ADJUSTABLE LOADS- 47k ohms, 22k ohms, 1k ohms, 470 ohms, 220 ohms, 100 ohms, 47 ohms, 22 ohms I'm about to buy an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze that recommends loading at 50-200 ohms Will 47 ohms work? Or should I start out at 100 ohms? I'm obviously not well...
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    Ortofon Cadenza Black

    Jack...WOW -Thank you for that wealth of information. I'll certainly use your experience to help make a final decision.
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    Ortofon Cadenza Black

    Thanks for the replies. I wasn't even considering the Cadenza Bronze...I will now. How much of a step up is it from the Quintet series to the Cadenza???
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    Ortofon Cadenza Black

    I'm thinking of upgrading from my Quintet Black S. I'm looking for first hand opinions on the Cadenza Black, to compliment my soon arriving VPI Prime Signature Rosewood. Current gear- VPI Prime----Plinius Koru-----Pass Labs Int 60----Martin Logan Montis Most of my vinyl is...
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    Plinius Koru

    I'm loving my Plinius Koru. I'm wondering if any of the forum members have had any experience with it? If you have...what are/were your impressions? Thanks in advance.
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    Help me beat my CD Transport

    Buy a turntable money bags.....

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