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  1. carl13

    2022 Academy Award Winners
  2. carl13

    Devialet Dione
  3. carl13

    2022 Academy Award Winners
  4. carl13

    2022 Academy Award Winners

    Glad Chris Rock didn't tell a joke about Alec Baldwin's wife.
  5. carl13

    Wilson Loke

  6. carl13

    Preowned Transparent Opportunities

    Never heard of Definitive Audio and have never had any contact with them.
  7. carl13

    Wilson Loke

  8. carl13

    Preowned Transparent Opportunities

    If you ever wondered if networked cables could improve your system, this is a great opportunity. I had a chance to try a full tuned loom of REFERENCE cables in my system. They didn't work for me, but they're worth a try.
  9. carl13

    Recommended Components 2022 Edition
  10. carl13

    CD sales are on the up again in the USA
  11. carl13

    Wilson Loke

    Wilson Audio’s Smallest Subwoofer From the beginning, the Wilson Audio Special Application Engineering® team wanted to create a subwoofer system that follows the North Star development parameters set forth by David Wilson. We are excited to demonstrate how much of David’s original intent is...
  12. carl13

    Wilson Audio Maintenance

    Very interesting thread. Whatever happened to the thread-starter?
  13. carl13

    March 2022 Jazz Record Reviews
  14. carl13

    10 Albums You Need to Know: March 2022
  15. carl13

    A Huge Shout Out To Some Audiophile Friends

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting, my WA dealer who used his own recordings to do my WASP, told me to move my listening chair forward.
  16. carl13

    Wilson Loke

  17. carl13

    Wilson Loke
  18. carl13

    Favorite TV shows thread

    Still enjoying the Resident Alien. Great cast. Wednesdays on SYFY.
  19. carl13

    Wilson Loke

    =AZWrBp4Cr4r7bBuDtJUfIlh2TIfU_Jhv_pzQRHTaLvMf6jeZLL8fgMct5DInY_SW0ab3bA8VVIOf4mrleTyIUiB9MMDFhpKetWjnQ-gA2-2WXdYHwj60qln99e4uLp2tpC-FKmBqG8sempXWdgzRvYGSo_TmJX92NZSqcc9BOEXkxl3dxEX1ftrA30j-Qa2TdVQ&__tn__=*NK*F']#L?K? is an all-in-one, simple setup, and easy-to-manage subwoofer solution...
  20. carl13

    Best Amp - Speaker Combination you've ever Heard.

    Quads powered by Futterman OTLs.
  21. carl13

    My pick for Super Bowl 2022

  22. carl13

    TAS 2021 Product of the Year Awards: Amplifier of the Year Awards

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