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    Magico delivery times

    Sorry I can not offer any helpful information but to me there is no excuse for not replying back to your inquiries. Even if they are having supply chain issues, you should get a response from them. I'm considering new speakers this year and Magico are one of the companies I would like to give...
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    New Power Cables from Core Power Technologies...One Of The World's BEST ???

    I picked up a couple of their Diamond Xtreme cables when they had them on sale and have been very pleased with them. I agree they are well made and Furtech connectors make for a nice and sturdy connection. I probably will pick up another one for my DAC whenever they do another sale. I also...
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    the rediscovery of the wonders of UltraAnalogueRecordings

    Congrats on finding excellence recordings. I've always wanted a R2R but finding music I like has kept me away.
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    Qobuz vs. Tidal? Which one is better?

    I currently use both Tidal and Qobuz and find music on both that I prefer. My Qobuz is up for renewal soon and I probably will just stick with Tidal unless I get another price break. Both services have almost identical music that I listen to so I doubt I will miss anything.
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    It is funny that the newest narrative is people like Roon because they haven't listened to anything else. o_O
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    Selling gear and Karma

    Have sold plenty of things over the years and for the most part all have been great. I have had people ask me to hold onto gear for them until they get the funds. I usually just tell them to contact me when they have the money. Or they can give me a non refundable deposit to hold the gear.
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    Can you please let us know what is the best? Also what is a "very high-end and transparent system" so we all know. If one owns one of these systems by your definition is it possible they might like something that you and others don't? Can they like Tidal, or Rock music, or RAP? I mean given that...
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    As a FYI I have compared Roon to JRiver, Aurender's App, CD direct into my DAC (meaning not streaming), and many others. My point is if you like or don't like a product, that is great for you. You trying to tell me what is better is a waste of time. We all like different things for many...
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    Well given that I am a Roon user I would say that all Roon users are not in agreement. :) Besides who cares what others think?
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    I must say this whole Roon SQ is much to do about nothing. You can replace Roon with MQA, Tidal, Qobuz, Streaming Music, LPs, CD, etc. The answer is quite simple. If one doesn't like to sound of <whatever>, don't listen to it. If you read through all of the topics on different forums, it seems...
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    Looking for a new DAC under 50K

    I agree with you but this doesn't mean you can upgrade to any and everything that comes down the pipe in the future.
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    If sound quality is your number one priority and you feel Roon's sound quality is poor, there isn't a feature that will satisfy you. My suggestion would be to find a different management software. You might love the way Roon gives you access to your music but chances are you will always feel it...
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    MSB DAC Preamp Volume Levels

    I'm still in the DAC search but about to finish it up. I listened to the T+A SD3100HV and MSB Premier. I have a dealer who has a Wadax Arcadia. He suggests I listen to it. At this level I don't think I can go wrong.
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    MSB DAC Preamp Volume Levels

    I would think this is because the preamp in the Select is a passive design. I could be wrong :). I would reach out to Vince for his input. I also had a PS Audio DSD (I just sold it) and did a demo of the Premier. One sweet unit!
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    Do You Still Play Compact Discs?

    No CD Transport player here. I committed to playing music from HD so long ago I don't even remember the last CD Transport I had o_O
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    Are Transports Obsolete?

    Nothing wrong with that. As long as you enjoy the music.
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    Are Transports Obsolete?

    I have also embraced the rip to NAS/PC of all of my CDs.
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    Are Transports Obsolete?

    If you are looking at the market as a whole, I would say yes the days of a transport are over. Sure you will have some hardcore audiophiles who will use a transport just like you have some who have reel to reel decks.
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    Back to Jeff Rowland, now listening to Criterion and 825 :-)

    Great write up. I'm also a huge Rowland fan having owned too many JRDG products to list. I'm starting to look at a return to Rowland after years of trying different products. Most likely look to pick up a used Corus and 625S2. Now a 725S2 or above would be killer :cool:
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    Has anyone heard the CANARY AUDIO C1600 Reference Tube Preamp

    Sorry I have not. I used to own a CA-906 and loved it. Canary makes some incredible gear.
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    Tone controls?

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    Tone controls?

    Sorry but I don't agree with this. Why limit yourself to what music you want to listen to? I personally want to listen to any and everything I own or care to hear.
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    How do you select a cartridge?

    Thanks everyone for great information.
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    How do you select a cartridge?

    No I asked strangers and dealers how they go about selecting a cartridge. If you read my question I didn't ask what one recommends.
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    How do you select a cartridge?

    I'm in the process of buying a new TT setup. I might even pick up a used Aesthetix Io preamp from a friend. My question is how do you decide on a cartridge. It is nearly impossible to try a few before buying one. I can ask friends, dealers, etc. but that tends to lead me to buy what they like or...
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    Used Genesis 300 - Should I buy

    Gary, Thanks for your reply. I think I need to pass on the 300s.
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    Used Genesis 300 - Should I buy

    Thanks for your reply. I know of a used pair of 200 as well. Not sure my room is large enough but I am planning on having a larger space in a year or two. If I can get the 200 at a good deal it might be worth living with the 200 until I move to a larger space.

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