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    Speakers for Kondo Ongaku... Please Help

    There is a thread made by me discussing this matter but it went beyond the title of the thread. So I created this new thread to keep things in perspective and to help other members that might be facing similar situation. I am very confused on speaker selection right now. I have a finish...
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    Audio Note E 16ft apart from each other

    Hi all, Having headache deciding the speaker for my Kondo Ongaku + Kondo G70 27 Watt SET. Liked the Canterbury SE loaner I have but the speaker seems to be a bit underpowered with 27 watts only. Considered Tannoy Kingdom Royal but it doesn’t seem like a good choice, considered Avantgarde Trio...
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    Denali V2 Vs Everest for small tube amp

    Hi all, This is a double post as I am new on WBF, tried posting this on general forum and got no response. Is there any huge benefit to be had by upgrading from Denali V2 to Everest when running only flea powered SET, Kondo Ongaku in my case. I have Denali V2 on home demo and was impressed by...
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    Shunyata Denali V2 VS Everest for Flea Powered SET

    Hi WBF’ers, Is there any sound quality benefit to be had from upgrading from Shunyata Denali V2 to Shunyata Everest on flea powered SET amp such as Kondo Ongaku? I have Denali V2 as home audition and was really impressed by the improvement it provided but I also read some thread stating that...
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    Avantgarde Trio Luxury VS Tannoy Kingdom Royal

    Hi all, I am starting the build of my second system downstairs. I’ve already got Kondo Ongaku amp, Kondo G70 preamp and Kronos Pro with Black Beauty Turntable. I’ve auditioned the Avantgarde Uno and Tannoy Canterbury, I liked and impressed by both but found the Canterbury is a bit veiled...
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    Aries Cerat Talos Signature Worth It?

    Hi all, I am new here, from Jakarta- Indonesia. My friend introduced me to this forum, I am usually active on the ‘other’ forum. Nice to be here and hope to share and learn with you folks. I am in the process of finalizing my front end. Components are as follow: - Kuzma XL DC with Kuzma 4-11 TA...

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