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    Can you ID these speakers?

    Maybe Devore Fidelity
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    Most Powerful Amplifier Ever Built?

    The 2 Pivetta amps in the link below are the most powerful and most expensive, I've seen:
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    JRDG (Jeff Rowland Design Group) model 735 monoblock amps

    QuadDiffusor, I received my 625 with the S2 upgrade back from Jeff Rowland on June 22, 2020. The upgrade included new input transformers. I sent a thank you email to Jeff Rowland, he sent me a reply stating it would take at least 400 hours of playing time to break in my upgraded amp. I have a...
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    JRDG (Jeff Rowland Design Group) model 735 monoblock amps

    ricjor1, Have you tried the Rowland PSU power supply, for your Corus? I have a friend here in the Phoenix area, with both pieces and 725S2s, driving Wilson Benesch speakers. He says the PSU was a big move up...
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    JRDG (Jeff Rowland Design Group) model 735 monoblock amps

    QuadDiffusor, I'm looking forward to this, also. I just recently had my 625 updated to Series 2, after 8 years of ownership. I could not be happier with this amp. The only step I might take next is getting a used pair of 725S2 monoblocks. These will appear on the market, as the hardcore Jeff...
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    High gain preamplifier for a First Watt SIT-3?

    Derekw14, Contact Mark at Reno Hi Fi about a demo Pass XP-12. They can increase the gain at the factory for you. My friend had this done to pair an XP-12 with his First Watt F7. You'll also have balanced and single ended inputs/outputs. You won't need to use any adapters...
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    Simaudio p8 vs krell evo 202

    I have not heard the Krell Evo gear. My friend had a complete Krell system with the KCT CD player, KCT preamp and FPB 700 amp. All 3 pieces used the Krell CAST system. They sounded very good. The Evo 202 preamp looks great, I considered buying one. I have no other Krell gear, so the CAST...
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    Pass XP-20 DB-25 Umbilical upgrade: Has anyone any suggestions on how much of a difference and what brand?

    To put my interest into perspective, I will document my experience with umbilical cables. I lived 3 houses east of a canal in Scottsdale, for 21 years. On the canal road, there are also high tension electrical lines. In July, you can hear these lines crackling from peak demand. I commented on...
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    Pass XP-20 DB-25 Umbilical upgrade: Has anyone any suggestions on how much of a difference and what brand?

    Jackelsson, I'm very interested in your feedback on the Tubulus cables on the XP-30. I've had my (stock cabled) XP-30 for about 5 years. I respect the feedback from the XP-20 owners who say they heard noticeable improvement with upgrade umbilicals. I have read the XP-30 music signal never...
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    Pass XA25 or any XA.8 with Tannoy

    HDDG, I have owned the Pass Aleph 3, Aleph 30, Aleph 60 monoblocks, Aleph 2 monoblocks, First Watt J2, and X-150.5. I currently own the XA-60.8 monoblocks and the XA-30.5. I recently borrowed a friend's First Watt F7, it just didn't work for me on my ProAc Tablette Anniversary speakers.... I...
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    Pass XA25 or any XA.8 with Tannoy

    The speakers used are described at 15:30 in this video. Also, interesting take on critical listening.....
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    Pass XA25 or any XA.8 with Tannoy

    HDDG, I heard all the principal (high up) employees at Pass use Tannoy speakers in their personal systems. Why don't you contact Pass Labs and ask them?
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    Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut

    Heresy! Whoever made that decision should listen for 1 year, to a system containing early solid state driving Thiel CS5s with that unforgiving Vifa aluminum tweeter!
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    Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut

    This is one of the few movies I'll only watch once every several years. I don't want to waste the experience. The segment of the movie with the French plantation owners is a definitive example of the surreal, to me.
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    Italian world top amp,120.000 watt,1800 kg

    Higher Fi has the "Junior" version of this amp on their website:
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    Hearing loss after Air Bag Deployment!

    I'm wondering how much pressure in a modern (well sealed) vehicle is achieved upon deployment. I live in Phoenix and the sliding rear window in my Tacoma is open about an inch always, unless it is raining, or I'm in a dust storm. I am very sensitive to the pressure from my vehicle AC, which is...
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    Spike information needed for Avatar speakers

    I have a pair of Avatars in cherry. The stock spikes that come with these speakers are not threaded. They are solid stainless steel spikes made by Jeff Rowland. They are used under the Rowland Model 2 & Model 6 amplifiers. They are very sharp, and (3) are used per speaker. Rowland uses (4) per...
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    Electrocompaniet AW250R stereo amplifier is a hidden gem of an amplifier

    I'm going to second your opinion on Electrocompaniet amps. I live in the Phoenix area. Over the years my friends & I have searched for brands of class AB amps that sound as good as class A amps. Heat is a very important consideration here when it's over 100 degrees. My reference for class A...
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    Preamps... nothing is perfect.

    MadFloyd, Just to put your quest into perspective, why don't you explain what you found lacking in the Pass XS Preamp you had before. For many Pass owners, (like me with my Pass XP-30) the XS Preamp is the Holy Grail...
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    A Great Solid State $5K ~ $7K Amp

    john95 I have the B&W 803D3 speakers. I live in the Phoenix area, so heat is absolutely a major consideration. My winter amp is a Pass XA-30.5. My summer amp is a Jeff Rowland 625 (original series). Last week I changed from the Pass to the Rowland. Both amps drive the B&Ws easily, these...
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    Pass Labs XP-22

    I've owned the Pass Aleph P, X-1, XP-10, XP-20, and now XP-30. Every move up was easily appreciable, to me. The XP-20 and XP-22 have only (2) balanced inputs available. Every input on the XP-30 is available balanced or single ended. This really matters to me. I have (2) balanced sources now...
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    Pass X5-350 versus Karan S 600

    Sir, You either have an X-350 or an X-350.5 The X-350.5 is the second generation of this amp, with noticeable improvements in sound. I'm not familiar with the Karan amplifiers. If you have an X-350, the Karan may be noticeably better. If you have an X-350.5, it would be much harder to beat...
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    Review: Pass B1 Buffered Preamplifier

    PeterA, Cardas makes adapters for RCA to XLR.
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    Pass Lab owners - Check in!

    Thanks, Gene 15352! This amp is on Pass Labs Facebook page, today...
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    Hillary's America

    I'm watching the Republican Convention live right now. The first guest speaker is from the family that's featured in "Duck Dynasty". His show is subsidized by the State of Louisiana. I'd be thrilled to have a government check like this, myself...
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    Best Speaker for 100k

    Apogee Grands, no waiting:
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    IMPORTANT WARNING ALERT! Audigon, my membership name has been hacked, check yours

    It's Friday at 8:45 AM in Phoenix. All 4 of the first featured ads on Audiogon are bogus, with various London sellers. I've said this before. Audiogon is not even trying to screen these ads. Any audiophile knows these ads are bogus, instantly.
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    IMPORTANT WARNING ALERT! Audigon, my membership name has been hacked, check yours

    This week I've noticed multiple ads from London sellers, all different sellers, all zero feedback, all prices too low to be real. Here are a couple examples:
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    Poll... would you allow the Ebola patients into your country?

    Why not pose the question again with a qualifier: "Would you allow the Ebola patients into your country if one of them was a friend or relative?" My answer is yes to both questions.
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    Xs preamp

    I have the XP-30. The posts above mine are discussing the issues with aluminum chassis & remote & separate power supplies. I'm giving my experience dealing with both.

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