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    Power Supply for Antipodes S40

    I've considered the Antipodes S60 power supply, but it's $2K. I'm looking for recommendations for an external power supply to power my Antipodes S40 and eventually S30 music servers.
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    Torus RM20 or Audioquest Niagara 5000

    I currently use a Torus RM-15 and Niagara 1000. I would like to go to one Power conditioner. My options are the Niagara 5000 or Torus RM-20. Any thoughts on what's the best option?
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    I recently went from a Bryston BDP2 to the Antipodes DS GT. The differences aren't subtle. I'm just curious why Antipodes isn't talked about as much as some of the other music servers. I never heard of them and only decided to listen on the advice of a friend. I can honestly say, this has been...
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    I recently replaced my Parasound A21 with a JR M525. Although it's used, it has less than 100 hours. It has taken my system to new levels: soundstaging, spacing between instruments, tonality, and a natural midrange. The M525 is the first amp I've ever owned that presents a 3 dimensional...
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    Revel Speakers

    Currently own F52s and I'm looking for opinions from Revel owners on the better upgrade? Studio 2s or Salon 1s? I'm curious as to how the soundstage, ability to disappear, and imaging of the F52s compares to the Studio 2s and Salon 1s?

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