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  1. kach22i

    Welcome to Earth - Will Smith

    Welcome to Earth - Will Smith The first episode makes some interesting observations about sound, gravity, volcanos and other things. Yep, they all tie into together in an unusual perspective aided by a blind guy.
  2. kach22i

    Robert Harleys 'listening room

    I think a reviewer going through many types of loudspeakers with a different positioning requirements (electrostatics further out from the wall etc...) needs side wall diffusion that is also adjustable. I mean even us guys that don't change our systems for decades don't bolt our listening...
  3. kach22i

    Whither Audio Research

    (Great) Audio Research News! June 21, 2023 Michael Lavorgna And as reported elsewhere. June 21, 2023 Facebook...
  4. kach22i

    New Anvil levitation footer

    I put aside a project 12-15 years ago, going to pick it back up in a few years - I swear. At least you got your project to work well enough to sell, development setbacks take a little out of your soul. I don't know how Edison and his team persisted like they did. Please keep us informed...
  5. kach22i

    Klaudio can announce the launch of our new Magnezar high-end turntable

    The thing of dreams. I'm not sure we will ever get to read a direct comparision audio review of the Magnezar verses the Esoteric Grandioso T1, but I love the concepts each and both.
  6. kach22i

    Resources for Building an Ideal Listening Room

    Good link, thank you for posting it. I'm attempting to fix my old pickup truck so that I can get back to finishing my stereo room. That article is an inspiration.
  7. kach22i

    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    First found here:
  8. kach22i


    I cannot tell when you are joking or being serious. Good or bad?
  9. kach22i

    Resources for Building an Ideal Listening Room

    That's good to know he might have an out building like a barn. One of the guys at work did 15 minute analysis of my property, and I found a few things out. 1. The 60-80 foot trees to the south, one at the front and one at the back would shade a proposed garage addition to the north on Dec...
  10. kach22i

    Resources for Building an Ideal Listening Room

    To clarify, both the ATX LED lighting system and solar PV arrays run wires with DC current, and that poses special challenges. I asked this engineer/electrician if it's only 12 volt in the wires like in a car, what's the big deal? It's not some high power solar array. He said that power is...
  11. kach22i

    Resources for Building an Ideal Listening Room

    I talked to one of our PV Solar Array engineers, he's actually an electrician that both designs and does installations, knows a lot about AC and DC and trouble shoots systems - has some colorful stories.......................anyway he said that he would NOT have DC in his house with a master...
  12. kach22i

    Resources for Building an Ideal Listening Room

    That is very interesting LED light stuff there, not so sure local building inspectors will be on board though. NEC is changed every two years, I'll ask the engineers in the office if they know anything about this. I'm sure omni-directional speaker have special requirements. My Martin Logan...
  13. kach22i

    kach22i's system

    Added a new to me 2006 vintage Esoteric SA-50 CD/SACD player still being broken in as it was rarely played in an audio store owner's second system. The cat seems to like it too.
  14. kach22i

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Johnny Mathis, Wonderful on CD...........and it was wonderful on my new CD player. Images taken off the Internet.
  15. kach22i

    Affordable tube amps basic and integrated

    Reminds me of a discussion some of the hovercraft guys were having about a few Harbor Freight products (several years ago). 1. Small Chinese 4-stroke Briggs & Straton "style" engines not a good power-plant to design a hovercraft project around because of replacement part availability. 2...
  16. kach22i

    Gregadds'thrift store surround soumd system.

    UPDATE: Thread is five years old, now your house is filled up with old stuff, when is your garage sale?;)
  17. kach22i

    Affordable tube amps basic and integrated

    I'm curious too. I saw something on Cragislist, low end stuff from China (Amazon special), he had to repair it because of cheap construction that didn't take kindly to shipping, circuits board ripping loose, tubes improperly packed and destroyed. He was trying to sell an ongoing repair...
  18. kach22i

    Charles' Little 2-ch Hi-Fi System...

    Yea, that is on my "to do list" as well. I have more plans than time and money though, guess it's good to have dreams.
  19. kach22i

    Natural Sound

    Interesting video, thank you for posting it. I'm not a fan of this version's increased tempo/pace, it sounds rushed and hurried, but interesting.
  20. kach22i

    40,000 LP Record Collection For Sale

    I'm trying to imagine the scale of this. If we had an old fashion stereo store of 25 feet wide by 75 feet long with bins, aisles, rows, wall displays and so forth along with a cash register area, would this collection be able to fit into it?
  21. kach22i

    Charles' Little 2-ch Hi-Fi System...

    A late congratulations on the home purchase, or should I say stereo room purchase? The room has got to be the most important factor in this hobby, that is unless you are into headphones. I know that we both suffered in our old rooms, and advice was hard to take at times with an inability...
  22. kach22i

    Esoteric SA-50

    I had an epiphany last night and found out what I needed to do to get the most out of this CD player. Play it. What I've been doing is playing one or two songs on the Mac, then the same one or two songs on the Eso. I finally let the dog run loose and she's everything I hoped for. The...
  23. kach22i

    Do you use cables to 'tune' the sonics of your system?

    So that puts speaker wires in the middle?
  24. kach22i

    Esoteric SA-50

    Near me a similar model? $3,500 Esoteric UX-1 with APL NWO Modification - CD/SACD DVD/DVD-A Player, Pre-Owned Looks like a nice upgrade from mine (paid $2,100 but $2,800 on places like ebay). The power cord and interconnects were maybe...
  25. kach22i

    Do you use cables to 'tune' the sonics of your system?

    I just found out that power cables can make as much of an improvement as interconnects and speaker cables. Late to the party I guess. Never needed a power cable replacement before because everything was hard wired or in the case of my Graaf tube preamp it had a replaceable glass fuse in it.
  26. kach22i

    Ron's Speaker, Turntable, Power and Room Treatment Upgrades

    You are supposed to wear clothes when you cook. I found this out trying to fry bacon shirtless - bad idea.
  27. kach22i

    Esoteric SA-50

    I went back to the audio store and picked up the CD player box, it barely fit into my car, it's huge. Talked to the sales guy and he set me up with the following copper. 1 Kimber Power Kord PK10 "Base" 6-feet ICE w/wattgates ($200) 1 pair Kimber Select KS1011, 1 meter w/WBT ($400) I told him...
  28. kach22i

    Looking For The Perfect Listening Chair

    The loveseat is in my living room (small), it's never been in the listening room in the walk-out basement below. However you just gave me an idea should my listening room become more of a home theater one day. It does NOT sit super low, it is sized perfectly for my 5'-1" height wife and my...
  29. kach22i

    Esoteric SA-50

    Local stereo store going out of business, had a demo unit Esoteric SA-50 CD/SACD made in 2006 so I bought it as a back-up CD player, and if I can get the sound right will be my player of choice. Started out with CD to preamp 1-meter RCA interconnect, some very old Audioquest Turquoise from the...
  30. kach22i

    Looking For The Perfect Listening Chair

    Super late reply, but a few years go we bought a love seat from "The Article" along with matching pillows, it's held up well for the price, no joint in the middle and a low back. The white boucle fabric is beautiful, at the time it came in houndstooth as well, but I see there is a gray color...

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