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    Thoughts about Rotel/Michi products.

    Does anyone have experience, thoughts and opinions on two Rotel/Michi products. They are; 1. Michi S5 Amplifier. 2. The newly released Michi P5 Preamp...possibly called version 2. Thank you, Mark
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    Heat generated by Pass Labs amps.

    I want to thank everyone for their replies as I have all of the information that I need thanks to you guys. It is always a pleasure reading this forum and dealing with everyone involved with it. Mark
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    Heat generated by Pass Labs amps.

    Hello everyone. I have a couple of questions and would like opinions on the heat generated by some Pass Amplifiers. I have a dedicated music room measuring 20x26x9 feet. It is heated by radiant heating and is equipped with a mini split air conditioning unit. I own a Pass X 350.5 and love all of...

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