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  1. TooCool4

    Night-time listening with lights off

    I like listening to music at night with lights off, less distractions. I Like using just my ears and of course with a nice glass of red close by. The Farad Super3 LED is a bit bright, I must do something about that one. Anyone else enjoy this? Images below shows what I see with the lights off...
  2. TooCool4

    Dereneville DAE 01 CL

    I’ve been reading good things about this motor for a while now, well the bigger brothers anyway. So when I was at Munich High End Show in 2018, I noticed Dereneville had a room there. I popped in and to my surprise Rainer was in doing demonstrations. In between him playing records for show...
  3. TooCool4

    Visit to Barry2013 house

    While at Munich High End Show this year, where I met a few of you guys. I got talking to bonzo75 and mentioned I lived in Essex England, he mentioned Barry2013 saying he lived in Essex too. I then said I live in Chelmsford, which turned out to be where Barry2013 lives. Anyway after replying to...
  4. TooCool4

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a very Happy and a prosperous New Year. :)
  5. TooCool4

    Power conditioners anyone ever tried using computer server UPS?

    Power conditioners anyone ever tried using computer server UPS instead of the over priced audiophile ones? I have tried dedicated audio power conditioners and heard what they can do, but the price in the UK for good ones are £2000+ I would rather put that money into my system. Anyway I...
  6. TooCool4

    Spectral Cables

    Hi Guys I am new here but have been lurking for a while now. I have been a Spectral owner for years. We now no longer have a Spectral distributor in the UK anymore :( I have been using Spectral MI-350UL II interconnect and MH-750UL II speaker cables. I have been trying to find...

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