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  1. Lee Henley

    Reed turntables

    I went to Munich this year and one product that stood out to me was the Reed turntable with their tone arms, has anyone on here had any experiences of one at all, the engineering on these is worth the admission price alone
  2. Lee Henley

    Lampizator GG and Lampizator Komputer

    Heard this combo today at the HiFi News show today in old Windsor UK, really awesome sounds, for me one of the best at the show, the new Komputer uses the JRiver interface with some Lampi magic thron into the mix, a really nice piece of kit, think in the UK it retails at £4K, I was quite...
  3. Lee Henley

    KT 77 Tubes instead of EL34 or 6CA7's

    Hi All I have had it confirmed from the manufacturer of my Mastersound DuVenti EL 34 amplifier that I can use KT 77 valves. About a year ago I swapped the EL34 tubes out for 6CA7 valves and liked what I heard, over the past few months I have been contemplating changing the amplifier but...
  4. Lee Henley

    Looking for new ideas?

    Ive been contemplating taking my listening experience to the next level as they say! Currently have a Mastersound Duventi EL34 based Integrated amplifier hooked put a Bel canto 2.5 dac through Audio Note An-K-spe speakers, which all sound fairly decent to my ears, however I've been longing...
  5. Lee Henley

    Bristol Show - England UK, Feb 23rd 2014

    Had a great time at the recent UK Bristol show, for those of you who don't know the Bristol show it caters more for the affordable systems and does not get carried away with mega high price tags, although in some rooms there was less attractive priced equipment.... You'll have to excuse the...
  6. Lee Henley

    Hello to all from England, UK

    Hello to all and my name is Lee a long time HiFi enthusiast who lives across the pond in the good old England, UK. I love HiFi forums and Im a member of quite a few around the world. You guys on here seem an enthusiastic bunch so i ve taken the plunge and decided to join. I love valve based...

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