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  1. Thomas_GER

    Telos GNR and GNR-mini - What are the differences?

    Hello hamburger, now you have answered your question yourself. :) I come to a different conclusion than you. In my opinion, the GNR is also better than the GNR mini in cinema operations. Assuming the power grid on site has both QNR necessary. regards Thomas
  2. Thomas_GER

    Telos GNR and GNR-mini - What are the differences?

    Hallo Hamburger, ich hatte beide Geräte hier. Wenn du magst, kann ich meine Eindrücke schildern. Gruß Thomas
  3. Thomas_GER

    Grounding Boxes

    Hello everyone, I only used a Telos GNR mini (I had connected DAC, streamer and CD player) and switched to the large GNR from Telos Audio a few weeks ago. I clearly noticed the improvements. (However, it only took the GNR a week to get really "warm".) The result was more resolution, increased...
  4. Thomas_GER

    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Dear listeners, I have attached a suggestion from the “niche” symphonic wind orchestra. In contrast to other wind orchestras, symphonic wind orchestras have an expanded line-up (double reed instruments, bass instruments from some instrument families, timpani and percussion, occasionally piano...
  5. Thomas_GER

    What brand are these speakers?

    so what?
  6. Thomas_GER

    What brand are these speakers?

    Hi Elliot, you are absolutely right. My mistake, sorry for that. I had the High End 2018 in mind (see picture below). Those are the one I'm talking about. I found the 2018 demonstration even better than in 2019. best regards Thomas
  7. Thomas_GER

    What brand are these speakers?

    I could hear the Estelon loudspeakers at High End 2019. There was a lot of classical music going on and the seducer had a fable for Ennio Morricone. And it sounded INCREDIBLY good! Driven by Vitus Audio amplifiers i think. So natural and far. Great resolution! And the speakers are real...
  8. Thomas_GER


    Hello everyone, the Ypsilon room was my highlight at the HighEnd 2018. The music was a bit strange. Chinese gong folklore or something. But I stayed there for over half an hour and was completely spellbound by the nature of the performance. I had never heard such a musical flow and...
  9. Thomas_GER

    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Hello WBF, yesterday I discovered the "Requiem for my friend" by Zbigniew Preisner. from Wikipedia: Zbigniew Antoni Preisner (born May 20, 1955 in Bielsko-Biała) is a Polish composer. He became internationally known for his film music, especially his work for the director Krzysztof Kieślowski...
  10. Thomas_GER

    What is the most musical, fast and accurate subwoofer you have heard?

    Hi everyone, For me, the fastest and most powerful sub to support music is the SMS G 15 from ASCENDO. The manufacturer's homepage says the following: The SMSG15 convinces in every single aspect, whether in high-profile home theater systems or the editors of renowned worldwide magazines. Awesome...
  11. Thomas_GER

    Greetings from Germany

    Hello everyone here at the wbf-forum, I look forward to finding new, enthusiastic, and curious contacts at the WBF-Forum, I am also looking forward to the exchange and new impressions. A couple of things about me: I'm Thomas, 34 years old, currently live in beautiful Lower Franconia in...

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