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    Sad news...Tim de Paravicini has passed

    The very sad news is that Tim de Paravicini, the audio design genius of E.A.R., has passed away from cancer. A brilliant audio designer and character, no doubt he will be greatly missed by all who knew him and had great respect for his work.
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    I-Qual Vacuum Disc Mate IQ1300A (Vacuum platter)

    Following on from the SAT TT discussion and my attention being drawn to a vacuum platter. I remembered the Audio Technica vacuum mat, AT-666. They are still available second hand, but of course 25 years plus in age. The I-Qual Vacuum Disc Mate IQ1300A is a modern interpretation of the AT-666...
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    New direct driveb Thorens TD24

    This looks interesting. A TD 124 but direct drive rather than idler. Website: TD124 DD
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    This looks interesting.......

    To be honest I'm not really a belt/thread drive chap. My moniker might be a give away. Anyway having cruised through numerous threads (no pun intended) on here and couldnt help but notice how enamored chaps are with TecDas, SME, Micro Seiki etc. Therefore I thought I ought to give this mode of...
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    Custom 1.7 stands and moved 20cm...

    A month or so ago I made some custom stands for my 1.7s out of leftover kitchen butcher block worksurface and broom handles. I had been using Midas stands which I had bought in the 1980s for SMGa. They were great because they lifted the speakers off the floor, but did not help with rigidity...
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    Count Taffy the Terrible of Redgrave

    Smooth Haired Fox Terrier ....

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