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    tripoint troy signature se

    Because I am planning to invest in some additional Tripoint emperor mk ii ground cables and possibly a Troy Elite ‘ground’ box I have decided to sell my Tripoint Troy Signature se ground station (rrp usd 21,5k). All taxes in Europe have been paid. Please pm me if you are seriously interested. I...
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    211 valves: please share your experiences

    A while back I played with Audio Note/Kondo Gakuon amps. The Gakuon uses two 211 valves in parallel. At the time I only listened to the Gakuons with General Electric 211 tubes. Although I liked the Gakuons very much in the end I preferred the Kondo (300B) Gakuoh amps. Lately I returned to my...
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    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    The thread of Lampi's Golden Gate dac has been (for me anyway) very informative, interesting and fun. However, Lukasz is on the brink of launching a new top of the line dac called Pacific. According to Lukasz the new Pacific dac will be extraordinary and he believes that it can compete with the...
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    Do some audio reviewers need protection against themselves?

    Today I visited the AVS showroom website of Peter Breuninger. I had not done so for quite a while and I must confess that what I experienced greatly puzzled me (to say the least). Firstly I would like to say that I really like/admire Peter's idea of reviewing components and giving us show...
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    300b valves: what are the current favourites?

    I have been using Western Electric reissue 300b valves for my Kondo Gakuoh push pull amps as well as for my Kondo Gakuoh single ended amps for the last 5-6 years. However, the two quods need replacement. I am not willing to pay the outrageous prices they demand for the Western Electric reissue...
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    Challenge Classics

    I guess we are lucky in the Netherlands to have quite a few - relatively small but independant - record companies that take great care and pride in the quality of their dsd and pcm recordings. Channel Classics is a company well known to our members and I have praised their - only dsd 64 -...
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    Tripoint emperor : a breakthrough

    People that have read the Tripoint Troy thread that I started quite a while ago know that I loved and still love the Tripoint Troy signature. I owned two, one for each of my two systems. Because I sold my Tidal Sunrays speakers about 4-5 months ago I was able to install two Tripoint Troys in my...
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    Taralabs grandmaster evolution: new top of the line cables from Taralabs

    About two weeks ago I received the new Taralabs grandmaster evolution (6 ft) loudspeaker cable and Taralabs grandmaster evolution (1,5m) ic cable. These new top of the line cables are not yet officially launched by Taralabs. However the word spread rapidly that the Grandmaster evolution cables...
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    Stunning sounding high res files

    It might be of interest to a lot of wbf readers to share our experiences with very good or even stunning sounding high res files. I propose to start with three suggestions in certain categories such as classical, jazz and pop/rock. May I start with the following recommendations: Classical: -...
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    Trinity preamp

    For those who are interested I refer to a glowing review of the Trinity preamp on positive-feedback by mister Nack. He seems to be very impressed by the performance of the Trinity preamp.
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    Tripoint troy signature grounding device

    Let me first introduce myself briefly: - I have been a music lover and audiophile (in this order) for about 30 years - I listen mainly to classical music - I visit live concerts on a regular basis and love the velvet sound of the Concertgebouw Orchestra in "het concertgebouw" in Amsterdam in...

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