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    How do you listen to new components?

    I find the quick switching of kit pretty useless, where I quickly lose track of how something sounds and it all blurs into one. The more I switch the worse this is. So I’ve changed to long term listening then changing something out and seeing what I notice. What technique do you find most...
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    Does "competes with much more expensive" actually exist?

    So I've been randomly reading up on pre-amps and coming across claims of "xyz competes with much higher priced gear". Is any of this true? Outside of cost not object, are there some high end makes that are better for value for money or is this just hype?
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    ARC ref 3... what next?

    So out of the blue I have a buyer for my ARC reference 3. With some different valves in I was happy with it, except for the treble which just wasn’t quite bright enough (not far off). In terms of large scale imaging what would be the next step up? I have a budget of <£5k and and will look for...
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    Golden gate Earth

    Any advice on using the earth on the Lampizator? Is this worth bothering with? Cheers Tim
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    Just picked up an Ideon just to see what the fuss is about. Only the 3R but I'll put a decent psu on it before evaluation. There are a number of these coming onto the market and I'm hearing more about them. Are you sold on the need for these? Has anyone compared any against each other...
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    USB Cable recommendation

    I have a USB re-clocker and need a cable to go from my streamer to it. I have no idea if I need good quality given the fact that the device "should" improve the signal after it leaves it. Looking for a USB cable recommendation for £200 or less. I'm in the UK so ideally not something I'd have to...
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    Improvements from isolation?

    Interested in your experience here. I've been playing around with many different types of isolation on my system, which consists of a tube pre, record deck and tube power amps. The power amps are very sensitive to vibration and hugely boom in the bass if placed directly on the floor. I've...
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    My feels about this forum

    Hi all, Thought I'd share some thoughts, and ask a few questions. I'm from the UK and have been into hifi for many years. Recently started to spend more time here having been mostly on pinkfish and hifiwigwam forums. Firstly thanks to all who've been really helpful, welcoming and friendly. I...
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    Is there a streamer front end that doesn't cost mountains!?

    The obvious trend is to blow wads of cash on a front end, as a general trend of just blowing money on everything hifi related typically is. I have a Lampi GG2 and this wasn't exactly cheap. My Auralic Aries Femto seems to be viewed as average. Although I'm very good with building PC's and...
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    ARC Preamp started clicking exceptionally loudly. HELP!

    Hi all, Not sure what goes here so maybe someone will have an idea. My ARC Ref 3 is clicking in both channels, even on mute and when unmuted extremely loudly. Clicks are multiple per second. This is obviously very unhealthy. I have mono-blocks and it's coming through both channels. Happens when...
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    Anti skate question - I'm stuck!

    I have a VPI Super Scoutmaster and a Lyra Dorian. The typical recommended anti skate on the VPI set up is an imprecise twist of the wire on the arm, from this you get some anti skate. When I put the need down onto a mirrored surface (just for set up), with the cartridge perfectly aligned, the...
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    Wanted to share a recommendation - Black Star

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my experience with Black Star cables. I have found them to be the most detailed cables I've ever had in my system. Not bright but holographic. I've used RCA from DAC to pre and XLRs from pre to monoblocks. Same result from both. These cost me a lot but are the best...
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    GG2 general advice

    So having landed an GG2 SE with R2R. I have some basic questions outside of valve choice... Despite having a large number of power chords I can't hear a difference between any of them. For those that can hear something is it subtle or obvious? To me quite the opposite of interconnect and...
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    State of the art low jitter...

    Hey all, Thinking about this in terms of jitter from a transport or streamer into a high end dac. Given the advanced re-clocking in dacs and the quality of clocks in even midrange source components, is there still an improvement to be had? This is my specific scenario. I have an Auralic Aries...
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    DSD and the Golden Gate

    Hi all, I now have a GG2 :) I've never used DSD and currently stream Tidal from an Auralic Aries Femto. Any advice on DSD? I'd like a play to see what it's like rather than investing thousands. Is this worth looking into? I play mostly recent alternative /rock /pop and rarely classical...
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    Where to go next after my VPI super scoutmaster??

    Hey all, Looking for an improvement on the VPI super scoutmaster. Under £8k if possible (I'm uk based). What do you guys rate? Price must include an arm. I will buy second hand to lower the cost. Thanks, Tim
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    Vibration isolation - found one with science attached!

    Hey all, Looking at Minus K isolation: This seems to have some science attached and actually works! What is your opinion? Thanks, Tim
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    Thinking of a new cart but overall opinion appreciated

    Hi all, I'm running the following: - VPI Super Scoutmaster (standard) - Denon DL103 with Paratrace retip and Ebony body - Linn Linto phono stage - Audio Research Ref 3 preamp - Cyrus APA7.5 Monoblocks - Focal Scala Utopia III Version 1 I like the system but don't feel the "magic" yet, i.e. a...

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