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  1. Atmasphere

    I seem to have run afoul of some sort of politics on Audiogon

    I don't sell anything on the site- I just read and post. I try to help out where I can. I have a lot of trouble shooting experience since I put myself through engineering school by servicing consumer electronics, and have continued right to present day. Recently a customer posted a thread...
  2. Atmasphere

    Dang- check it out- new miniaturized vacuum tube Korg has the pockets to back something like this up. I first read about 'cold cathode' vacuum-tube circuits over 25 years ago but this is not cold cathode technology- instead looks like the next...
  3. Atmasphere

    Is balanced power safe? I'd love to get set straight on this- I don't think so

    I've seen balanced power used to reduce noise in audio systems. There is an argument for this, as it does work (although if your equipment employs proper grounding practice, there will be very little advantage). But I also think there are risks involved. The reason for the risk is that normally...
  4. Atmasphere

    What an OTL is, and why you should care

    In audio, the acronym OTL has been around since the 1950s. It refers to a tube amplifier usually, one without an output transformer. In the world of audio, tubes are often docked for poor bandwidth and high distortion by the advocates of transistors. But it turns out that a lot of that...
  5. Atmasphere

    New preamp called the Ultraviolet!

    For many years we have been refining a 4- tube circuit (2 tubes if line stage only). We have had many long debates about whether we should market it, as its a departure from our normal stuff; its single-ended (which is the big deal) and is more conventional circuitry. It uses a pair of 6SN7s for...

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