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  1. PeterA

    SME Model 6 Review

    Here is a link to a review of this new turntable:
  2. PeterA

    Does Beethoven need to be "cancelled"?

    I read about this on another forum and did a search to learn more. I thought it was some kind of joke. I really do not know what to say. Vincent Scully's famous European Art survey course at Yale University was also recently cancelled...
  3. PeterA

    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    I came upon this article this morning and find it fascinating reading. Mr. Day makes a compelling case for seeking out gear with which one can enjoy a large variety of music, the "Listening Window". He describes his own system, a mix of vintage and new components, as sounding "musical". I...
  4. PeterA

    New Janaki Trio LP

    I have long enjoyed the Janaki String Trio LP recording by Yarlung Records. However, the 45 RPM LP does not contain some music by Beethoven that is on the Janaki CD. Member Al M. just sent me this link and I ordered the LP. I was not aware that this even exists and I can not find the...
  5. PeterA

    All About the Bass: It's enough to make me want to stream

    I came across this video on YouTube the other day and can't stop watching it. Years ago as my daughters were growing up, we watched American Idol on TV. Casey Abrams (bass, vocal) and Haley Reinhart (vocals) were stand-out contestants one season. Now they seem to have successful careers...
  6. PeterA

    System Videos and the References Used to Judge their Quality.

    I came across a music video on YouTube this morning of solo violin and posted it in a thread which discussed system videos. I have since deleted it from there as inappropriate to the thread discussion and decided to rather post it here. Perhaps we can have a discussion on the usefulness of...
  7. PeterA

    Member Signatures

    It seems to me that members are not listing their system components in their signatures as often as they used to. Is this the case, or am I imagining it? If they are not, why are they not?
  8. PeterA

    Does Magico have a "house sound", and if so, how would you describe it?

    One reads many comments about this brand, both positive and negative. Often the opinions are quite strong and infer, to me at least, that people think there is a particular "sound" to the brand. I would like to better understand what people think Magico speakers sound like. I wrote a long...
  9. PeterA

    Magico News Letter

    For those interested, here is a link to Magico's News Letter. There is some information about driver technology and new products. Link:
  10. PeterA

    van den Hul Colibri Grand Cru

    I have been listening to this for about a month. It was installed on April 18th, 2020 and now has 64 hours of playing time. It is the best cartridge I have heard in my system.
  11. PeterA

    Bonzo is missing from this quartet.

    Hanging in while hunkering down, I came upon this fascinating interpretation of the LZ classic combining genres.
  12. PeterA

    Lyra Atlas SL and the vdH Master Signature on two SME 12" arms

    Last weekend, my good friend Ian (Madfloyd) brought over his Atlas SL cartridge to try in my system. He had it in his SME headshell, so it was a simple matter to insert it into my new SME 3012R tonearm and adjust the alignment. We compared this Atlas SL/SME 3012R combination to my vdH Master...
  13. PeterA

    The Nature of Sound

    I have had some rather spirited discussions with three recent visitors to my listening room. Opinions varied as to the quality of the sound from changes I have made to speaker positioning and room treatments. The comments were mostly focused on the imaging of my system, relative to what my...
  14. PeterA

    The pros and cons of manufacturer/dealer/designer participation

    A comment came up in another thread in which the author suggested that manufacturers can benefit from user feedback about various products from discussions on forum threads. I can understand how this would happen, but it is not always that simple. I responded with this post: I have auditioned...
  15. PeterA

    Outboard Armpod Project for SME 30/12 turntable

    For quite some time I have been curious to compare my SME V-12 tonearm to an SME 3012R. I would also like the flexibility of having two tonearms with two cartridges. Unfortunately, my SME 30/12 turntable is designed to only accommodate one tonearm, and complicating matters even more, it will...
  16. PeterA

    Techdas AF1 and Kronos give birth to....

    Does anyone know what turntable this is? Fascinating.
  17. PeterA

    Four Hombres from Boston

    Last night four hombres from Boston had the distinct pleasure of hearing Inmo Yang and Jung-A Bang perform live in a chamber setting. We followed this incredible music performance with a delicious dinner at a French restaurant just around the corner. This was the second time that the four of...
  18. PeterA

    New Magico A series

    Sorry, redundant thread. Deleted.
  19. PeterA

    van den Hul Colibri XPP

    I am enjoying listening to my Colibri XPP. It is still breaking in and has only slightly less than 20 hours so far. I've read that these need between 75-100 hours to really sound their best. The recommended loading is 200 ohms and I am switching back and forth between 250 and 160 ohms. Above...
  20. PeterA

    My Recent trip to Los Angeles

    PART ONE: I recently returned from taking my daughter to Los Angeles to visit a college. I stayed a couple of extra days to spend some time with Ron Resnick, KeithR, and Jeffrey_t. I had met Ron and Jeff before when each of them visited me in Boston. I met Keith for the first time. The four...
  21. PeterA

    Magico M3 and M2 construction

    These are the first interior shots I've seen of these Magico speakers. Apparently the M Pro and M3 are constructed with aluminum skeleton structures similar to those in the Q series while the M6 and new M2 have carbon fiber monocoque structures. The new CF shells kind of remind me of the...
  22. PeterA

    Tonearm Setup: Effective Mass, Inertia, and Sound

    I have been experimenting with adjusting my tonearm's counterweight. I can add or remove extra weights and slide the counterweight mechanism toward or away from the pivot point of my arm. One can see from the three photographs below how the extra weights change the size of the counterweight...
  23. PeterA

    Transparency and the sound of a system

    Transparency is an interesting concept. In audiophile terms, what does it mean? And what do we mean when we describe a system as "transparent"? I have read two definitions for the term: 1. Lacking color and distortion. A transparent component or system, adds little or no identifiable...
  24. PeterA

    FOR SALE: Magico Mini 2

    I have decided to sell these great speakers after upgrading to the Q3. They are in excellent condition, 8/10. All original materials, packaging and wooden shipping crates included. SN#s: 100148, 100149. Located in Boston, MA. Buyer to pay for shipping and insurance. I may be willing to...
  25. PeterA

    Pass Labs XP-27 phono stage

    Pass Labs XP-27 Review I recently directly compared my Pass Labs XP-25 phono stage to its replacement, the XP-27. I had the XP-27 in for a ten day trial audition period. About a year ago, I replaced my XP-20 preamp with the new XP-22. I rearranged my rack, as I had before for the preamp...
  26. PeterA

    Walker turntable

    Whatever happened to this former SOTA table? Does anyone here still have one and how does it compare to the top tables today? I think Lloyd Walker designed a remote controlled VTA tower. Did anyone try it?
  27. PeterA

    The importance of Resolution

    We audiophiles throw around a lot of terms in an attempt to convey meaning and describe the sound of systems. Each of us may have our own priorities and specific sonic attributes which we value, and we may value some more than others. I am interested in learning what sonic attributes people...
  28. PeterA

    AirTight Opus1 and Lyra Atlas SL, a direct comparison

    I was very fortunate to be able to directly compare MadFloyd's two new cartridges yesterday. He recently replaced his ZYX top of the line and Ortofon A95 cartridges with the AirTight Opus 1 and the Lyra Atlas SL. I brought four of my reference LPs and we listened to the same sevebn tracks in...
  29. PeterA

    Determining tonearm/cartridge compatibility

    I have been reading with much interest the latest threads about arm length. There was some discussion about moment of inertia, cartridge compliance, etc. It seems to me that the various resonance frequency calculators are fairly basic. They ask for the arm's effective mass, the cartridge plus...

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