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    TEAC P/70 and D/70

    I bought these in 2004 and they are still going strong although the CD tray shows signs of misbehaving. I'd like to ask please: 1. Does anyone on here have, or used to have, these machines? 2. If so do you think they are still up to a good standard or have they been moved aside by modern...
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    Weather and It's Effects on What we Hear

    This subject may have been covered before but searches have found little. High frequencies even in a normal listening room lose energy over distance travelled. Part of that loss is due to the spreading out of the energy from the source, but another factor is the condition of the air in the...
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    House Curve Theory

    If I understand the House Curve thread correctly: for the relatively small rooms that we listen in, using a typical speaker will result in reduced low frequencies (LF) and increased high...
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    Hello from the UK

    Greetings all. I live in Hertfordshire, which is just north of London in England. Hi-Fi History I live in the U.K. in a two bedroom flat (apartment). My musical tastes are mostly mellow, folk/soft rock (e.g. the Roches, Ian Matthews, Joni Mitchell) with occasional sorties into heavier rock...

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