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    My Experience with Pachanko Constellation Mini

    First impressions after update by Mr Chan is female voices like Kate Bush’s and Neneh Cherry’s come clearer. I hear new inflexions of their song. I like it very much. After dinner I sat on my couch and increased the volume and the improvement was obvious. The instruments and voices are more...
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    My Experience with Pachanko Constellation Mini

    Today Mr Chan kindly asked to do an update to the Diretta software and of course I agreed but I confess that I was a little skeptical as to if it could improve the already marvelous sound. A restart later I continued with Laurie Andersson’s Landfall, her latest studio album that has lots of...
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    My Experience with Pachanko Constellation Mini

    So now I have used my Stellar power supply, Constellation mini and Diretta for a week. I am trying Roon for the first time in my life streaming from Qobuz and I also attached a usb disc with thosands of ripped cds. I am very happy with the sound of it through my Kii Three speakers.
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    My Pachanko Server is here. A bargain at 16k Euros?!

    Interesting discussion that makes a case for a brick and mortar store where you pay at receipt.
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    My Experience with Pachanko Constellation Mini

    Well same as yours and Diretta and Stellar PSU.
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    My Experience with Pachanko Constellation Mini

    Congratulations Tip Top, and thanks for posting. Are you still happy with the Pachanko? I am waiting for one that is being built to my order . And the power supplier and the Diretta. It will probably outperform my present streamer although I have not compared them A to B. Cheers Per

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