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    TT choosing for setup

    Thanks a lot. I haven't even known about them so far. I closely know Ambient acoustics (custom and universal iems), Flux Lab (great amplifiers, the same owners as era-in-ear, hi-fi store I'm blogging) and Rinaro Isodynamis (fantastic planar drivers).
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    TT choosing for setup

    I'm still in Ukraine, but far from home. I even composed some stereo system with old rega kyte here. The world is full of kind people, not only aggressive bastards :) I considered rega's tt of course, p3 first of all. There are a few options with used Planar 3 (previous generation). Are they...
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    TT choosing for setup

    Hi guys, I'm relatively newbie with TT, but have some experience with digital sound and portable hi-fi and hi-end stuff (I write reviews for a few years for one local audio store). Now I would like to go deep to the analogue sound. I have Dali Oberon 5 and Marantz PM 6006 (with phono preamp on...

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