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  1. miniguy

    The new audiophile vinyl series The Original Source from Deutsche Grammophon (AAA)

    Much earlier. Professor Erik Löfgren of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, developed and published the first tonearm alignment equations in 1938. Baerwald, Bauer, Stevenson and several others who came after Löfgren produced identical equations differing only in notation and...
  2. miniguy

    Tonearm for Ortofon SPU-A cartridge

    L₂ = (L₁² + D² − 2L₁D cosγ)½ , Arm effective length with A-style SPU α = arcsin (L₁ sinγ /L₂) , Arm offset angle with A-style SPU L₁ = Arm effective length with G-style SPU D = 21.5 mm difference between SPU-G and SPU-A mounting collar to stylus distance γ = arm offset angle with G-style SPU...
  3. miniguy

    Tonearm for Ortofon SPU-A cartridge

    The RMG-309 null points are 60.0/115.4. If you want to maintain these same null points then with the SPU-A, you should set your pivot-to-spindle distance at 287.6 mm. This gives an overhang of 11.8 mm.
  4. miniguy

    Legendary Supex 900 Super: Koetsu before Koetsu

    This is the identical one I used to have long ago. To be precise, as shown on this spec sheet, it was a SD 900/E+ Super. After this cart I had another Supex - the SDX 1000. Not sure if it was also a Sugano design. It had a boron cantilever. The body was rounder and more petite. Anyone remember it?
  5. miniguy

    Robert Harley makes efficient use of his time.

    It’s too late. It headed there years ago.
  6. miniguy

    the Durand Record Weight; love it!

    If your platter has a recess for the record label then any weight much over a pound will lift the edge of the record noticeably. In which case you could benefit from an edge clamp.
  7. miniguy

    What is going to be your endgame speaker?

    Stradivari Homage (not the new pretender)
  8. miniguy

    RCA 12BH7 Black Plates versus Grey Plates

    I have Sylvania gray plates driving the KT88s in my amp which has never sounded better. Again, horses for courses.
  9. miniguy

    Chesky: One of the Worst Audiophile Labels?

    Nice article on some of the many recordings done by Kenneth Wilkinson.
  10. miniguy

    Searching for Best Version of Carmina Burana ?

    The Speakers Corner reissue is superior to the original tulip.
  11. miniguy

    Searching for Best Version of Carmina Burana ?

    The Telarc, despite its Soundstream origins, has arguably the best sound of any version on vinyl, along with a top class performance. The reissue by Craft Recordings is excellent though the original issue might be preferred by some. They’re very close.
  12. miniguy

    Retip or upgrade Ortofon SPU Synergy?

    What specifically do you prefer in the Synergy over any of the anniversary models?
  13. miniguy

    Power Cords on Motor Controllers

    These are great comments. Thank you. I especially found fascinating your experience with a power cord plugged into an outlet but unplugged at the IEC end. That situation exists currently in my system and I will do some experiments. Also I just ordered a Hammond 171A isolation transformer to try...
  14. miniguy

    Power Cords on Motor Controllers

    Interesting thesis. This suggests that perhaps running the motor controller off of an isolation transformer could be useful to keep the nasties from infecting the rest of the system. And I have also observed that the effect is of the same magnitude as on a preamp.
  15. miniguy

    Power Cords on Motor Controllers

    Can anyone theorise why changing the power cord on a turntable motor controller can make such a dramatic difference in some cases, and is the effect the same for both AC and DC motors?
  16. miniguy

    TW Acustic Raven AC Owners with 3-4 arms

    Contact Jeffrey Catalano at Highwater Sound. (212) 608-8841
  17. miniguy

    Can someone help identifying these headshells

    We might have a chance if you post better photos.
  18. miniguy

    Best Classic European Sports Car

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale. The most beautiful of all. Detuned Tipo 33 race car. 2 liter V8. Imagine the size of the pistons. Twin spark ignition.
  19. miniguy

    On Cables

    2549 is excellent stuff as is 3103 speaker cable.
  20. miniguy

    Kuzma SAFIR 9

    9-10 Hz
  21. miniguy

    Kuzma SAFIR 9

    It all depends on how tolerant you are of pumping woofers.
  22. Ortofon Xpression Cartridge

    Ortofon Xpression Cartridge

    Ortofon Xpression cartridge in absolute mint condition. Less than 100 hours of use on RS-309D tonearm. Complete as new with box and accessories, including cute thumb drive containing document files. Can be used in place of any SPU cartridge without any adjustments other than tracking force...
  23. miniguy

    Ortofon SPU WOOD? any users?

    Too bad it’s been discontinued.
  24. miniguy

    Tonearm for Ortofon SPU-A cartridge

    Not so. Do the math.
  25. miniguy

    154 Absolute Sound Issues

    I have issues #134 to #290, except #244 and #285. Need to clear for more space. Free for local pickup. My zip is 92024. Cannot be shipped via Media Mail since they contain advertising.
  26. miniguy

    Big Band Swing

    Ultimate swing
  27. miniguy

    SUT for Ypsilon VPS-100

    Was the Ypsilon the small or large version and if the latter, standard or silver edition?
  28. miniguy

    Phono cables - the most sensitive and critical cable in your system

    It was previously ruined by mention of a $13K cable, Odin 2.
  29. miniguy

    Phono cables - the most sensitive and critical cable in your system

    You should contact Joe Cohen about the Pranawire Lalit phono cable. It is the finest one I’ve heard among many over the years. I haven’t heard the latest Odin, but the Lalit handily beat a Valhalla 2. I think the last price I can remember seeing was $5K.
  30. miniguy

    2022 Academy Award Winners

    Not so. Baldwin sided with Chris Rock.

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