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    My dedicated audio room build - QuadDiffusor's Big Dig

    You might also consider use Nearfield Acoustic Pipedream speakers.
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    Simplifying the System

    I often think about trying the X1 instead of my DAC, server setup.
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    Seeking an R2R DAC recommendation for a tube preamp and tube amp system

    In this price point the Rockna Wave light might be good for you. They also have a matching server (maybe not out yet) that would be a big step up from a Mac Mini. I also know someone who might be selling their Phison PD2SE, which is what I have been running for years.
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    Moving to a new house and so many questions!

    Replacing the drop ceiling with drywall will probably give 6".
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    Moving to a new house and so many questions!

    Hey guys! A new job came which is causing me to relocate. I am approaching move-in and have some questions beforehand to hopefully get things organized before I set up my audio rig. The room is about 14'6" by 24' with a drop ceiling. The ceiling is about 7'6". I'm debating on removing the drop...
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    Speaker to better fit my room

    Agreed. That's why I have decided to keep with my pipes
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    Speaker to better fit my room

    It is a dedicated room. I actually got incredible results toeing in the speakers a out an inch and a half and moving the subs. Still working on it. Once I get that ideal I will mark the setup and try the long wall with treatments behind the listening location.
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    Speaker to better fit my room

    Going to try a few more things before I consider selling.
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    Speaker to better fit my room

    I'll keep an eye out. Would those work in my space?
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    Speaker to better fit my room

    Previously I had a much larger room and the Nearfield Acoustic 18 speakers thrived. I don't expect to get these in a much bigger room as fast as I was expecting so will likely end up selling to get something more reasonable... I love the dynamics and punch of the Pipedreams but fear some of the...
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    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    This looks like it should sound incredible!
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    Roon Labs Future?

    I have been super curious a out Euphony and plan to test it out in the next couple weeks. Wish I could find some videos on setup, library management, HQ Player integration and how to use it with a CD Ripper.
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    VAC preamplifiers

    Hi guys! I use to have a VAC Signature Mk II and loved it to death. I'm giving thought to two pres on the used market due to cost constrictions. Any opinions on the VAC Beta preamp or the VAC Ren V vs the Signature MK II? I doubt I can go wrong with either but unfortunately I cannot demo them...
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    Millennials, Please Check In!

    I'm a millennial. A poll would have probably been a better tool for this. I absolutely agree with Folsom here.
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    What will bring you Santa Claus for your system?

    I'm hoping I can convince him to trade a good phono for some of my gear... We shall see! That being said, anyone have an extra phono that is great for low output moving coil? hahahaha... ahem... hohohoho
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    Next Dac...go Lampi ?

    I've done a lot of comparisons and love my Phison DAC. They can be found on the used market for your price range.
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    High emotion audio

    Hi guys, I am curious if anyone has listened or has impressions of the High Emotion Audio Labs speakers. The Pipedreams are some of my favorite speakers I have ever heard but I haven't found much on their smaller speakers. Very curious. Best regards, Stephen
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    Time for new cartridge, suggestions?

    I am a big fan of Van den Hul. You can have them to be repaired if there are any issues and can get them reasonably priced.
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    DAC Shootout: Phison PD2SE, Rockna Signature Wavedream, COS D1V2, Metrum Adagio

    Hey, Mike, I am going to be in Mexico for work more than likely while you have the DCS. If interested maybe I could send you the Phison gear and you can tell me what you think. The new amp board is insane so I'd also like to compare to the class D one you have.
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    DAC Shootout: Phison PD2SE, Rockna Signature Wavedream, COS D1V2, Metrum Adagio

    I have a few people I could have write about their impressions but they are not on the thread. I have yet to have someone listen to the most recent gear who hasn't really enjoyed it.
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    Transparent Audio Opus MM RCA interconnects

    This beyond makes me drool. I can't afford them but hope you get what you want for them. Cables are the next frontier in my system.
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    Which DACs are upgradeable? Any brands fighting obsolescence?

    A ton of comments I haven't gone through yet but the Phison gear, not only the DAC but also the amps offer upgrades whenever Sonny figures out how to make them better.
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    Ultra rendu + nuc vs Antipodes DX

    Has anyone done this sort of comparison? I am giving thought to moving towards the rendu.
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    Newly released Mac Mini

    Hi everyone, Any thoughts on the new Mac Mini? I'm considering building a server. Wondering if this would be good for the application and superior to the old one or a normal NUC. Best regards, Stephen
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    Long speaker cable runs

    That is good news!
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    Long speaker cable runs

    Couldn't say that the large gauge speaker cable helped? :( I might have to fight this room rearrangement. lol
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    Long speaker cable runs

    Did you find a way other than running long XLR interconnects and the amps closer to the speakers?
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    Long speaker cable runs

    I am looking at rearranging my room in a way that would demand much longer runs than I had in the past. Specifically I would need to run two pairs at 27 feet each. Unfortunately, running XLR cables from the crossover to amps closer to the speakers is not an option. I am going to be running one...
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    Von Schweikert VR-55 Speakers in Piano Gloss Black finish

    Heard these today at The Audio Company in Marietta GA. Wonderful speakers!

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