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    JCAT USB XE or Pink Faun Ultra OCXO?

    I’m quite new to audio pc’s. I thinking to buy the PF spdif/ Aes ebu bridge with Ultra clock. But after reading your commend I’m not sure if it is worth the price difference. Can you explain perhaps the difference in more depth?
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    Furutech DPS-4.1 limited edition power cable vs Nanoflux power NCF

    I have a DPS-4 demo and I’m quite pleased. Are the spades inside needed? To cut cost a bit. Why don’t screw it directly in the clamps?
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    SOtM sNH-10G Network Switches x2 : The NEW KING of USB/Network Gadget Setup

    I have Provider modem> provider router > Meraki 220 with Audiophool oxco + Farad psu > Etherregen + Farad > Paul Pang platinum m cable > streamer I have something like a AQ Forest between the modded Meraki and ER. (the distance is only 50cm or 2metres). I have a hard time between choosing...
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    Furutech NCF FI-50M power-plug revised/improved!

    I’m want to make a powercord for my streamer of a piece AN Isis mainscable which sounding natural, harmonic and liquid. I tried the Furutech fi50 (R) and the (R) NCF, but I find music sound less authentic but more important I would better Prat, transient attack and more warmth/timbre. I...
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    Furutech FI-48 NCF Silver Connectors

    Thank you for your quick response! I have some questions about the characteristics of the Iego 8095, meby you can help me :) My setup is also tube based, Audio Note Oto phono se Signature (el84) amp and the AN dac3.1x/II (tube-dac), both sound quite neutral. So no added ‘tube warmth’. I love...
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    Furutech FI-48 NCF Silver Connectors

    How would you compare IEGO 8095 silver compared to Furutech NCF R50? How do you compare NCF 48 AG vs NCF R50? I find Furutech sounds more hifi like, expressing detail in a less natural way. It’s smooth but to my ears artificial somehow, the same sauce over every track. Where Oyaide and...
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    How good are the Paul Pang Platinum lan cables? Did you compare them to other high end cables?

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