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  1. Vinyl Rules!

    Tannoy Arden vs. Westminster? Centre Channel?

    Greetings all. I’m new here, so a bit of an introduction: I’m retired and I’m extremely interested in purchasing new Tannoy’s that have Tannoy’s 15” coaxial driver. I’m considering either the Ardens or either the TOTL Westminsters, but not the Canterburys as both my beloved wife and I don’t...
  2. Vinyl Rules!

    MQA Declares Bankruptcy music technology company,the US and other countries. The financials are eye-opening. Annual revenue never exceeded £700,000 while administrative expenses exceeded...
  3. Vinyl Rules!

    Good Solid State Amps for Graham Speakers?

    Am curious to know what solid state amps people are using to power their Graham speakers. Also, can anyone comment on what amps Graham uses to test and voice their speakers? Please don’t hate me because I don’t use tubes.:cool:
  4. Vinyl Rules!

    Tannoy owners

    Anyone Bi-Amping Tannoy Westminster GR’s? I’m curious as to what improvements one gets if they bi-amp Westminster GR’s. Any comments from those with actual experience appreciated.
  5. Vinyl Rules!

    Best Sounding FM Tuner?

    An omnidirectional antenna is pretty much useless for DX’ing, and it will never have a gain greater than 1. If you wish to DX signals you need a directional yagi FM antenna and they are becoming more difficult to source. However, Innovantennas ( in England still makes some...
  6. Vinyl Rules!

    Best Sounding FM Tuner?

    The Denon TU-800 is a much better tuner than the TU-900 (3 IF bandwidth settings vs, 2 on the TU-900, and better specs than the TU-900). As for Sansui comparisons, the Denon TU-900 would be, IMHO, roughly equivalent to the Sansui TU-719 performance and sound quality wise. As always, YMMV
  7. Vinyl Rules!

    Best Sounding FM Tuner?

    You purchased, IMHO, the single best FM stereo tuner ever manufactured! Performance-wise, there is nothing that can touch it. May I ask the name of the dealership from which you purchased it?

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