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    Installing whole house Ethernet wire - audiophile wire type advice

    I'm installing CAT6 Ethernet wiring in the house and will have a dedicated line to my digital audio chain. Is there a better wire than CAT6 for my run to my digital audio? I'm looking for first hand experience/knowledge advice rather pointing to a brand that sells it. A side question, maybe I...
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    How do you store your cartridges and tonearms?

    I have a number of cartridges boxed and will likely purchase extra tonearms. Rather than winging it with my own ideas like tackle boxes or design a horizontal tonearm rack, I realized that many established audiophiles on this forum also have multiple cartridges and arms. Also, any good ideas...
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    Turntable setup advice needed for newbie with top cartridges

    I'm 60yr+ a bucket list audiophile who over the last 6 years been researching and accumulating components for my analog+digital audio chains. Because I'm late in the game I'm trying to experience various but excellent sonics, so I purchased Lyra Etna, Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum, Aida...
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    Seeking SPU tonearm advice

    I’ve been fascinated that the SPU (Stereo Pick-Up) cartridges, which was invented over 60yrs ago in 1958, still has loyal fans today. The SPU is reported to have a big, bold, exuberant and musically exciting character. While researching, the best SPU cartridge may be the Ortofon SPU Century. I...
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    Kuzma 4Point - which tonearm wire?

    I'm interested in obtaining the 11 inch Kuzma 4Point, but am very confused which tonearm wire to choose. One one hand, I plan to run balanced and I read that cables matter much less, on the other hand I've of the belief that everything matters including tonearm cables. So I'm confused in...
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    First tube gear- Is a 300b amp a good place to start?

    After 5 years of intensive research, I’ve nearly completed my first bucket list analog+digital audio chains emphasizing linearity and neutrality hoping to land somewhere mid-fi - Constellation Inspiration Pre+Stereo electronics to a Magico A5. In addition, I subsequently want to explore quality...
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    APL Hifi DACs - how does this brand compare?

    APL DACs are marketed as "designed to be analog sounding", but reviews are rare. Recently, there has been many very positive reviews (see below) but I'm not sure how APL compares to other brands. Currently, APL has 3 DAC models: $40k DSD-MR MK2 D/A converter with balanced tube output stage...
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    Expanding the High End audio market - good idea? How?

    I was wondering how to expose more people to high end audio. Then I took a step back and wondered is this expansion a good idea in the first place. Should we expand the audiophiles market? Generally speaking, if you expand the market, manufacturers can drive down costs through economies of...
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    Brand matching for preamp and amp - help me decide

    Upon "TAS Top 50 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio" recommendations, I've purchased a used Constellation Audio Stereo 1.0 amplifier. But living in North America limits my options to 120v/60hz components meaning that I can only shop used in USA and Canada for my preamp. Therefore finding a...
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    DYI Open-Baffle Speakers - is it hard to do?

    An major audio reviewer visited Nelson Pass’s home and loved Nelson’s homemade Open-Baffle Speakers. I got a list of speaker transducers and crossover components but have no idea if I’ve enough ability or need help to construct. Although I’m a fairly intellectual analytical guy, my knowledge...

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