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  1. KyoichiOda

    DSS-Diaphragm from A&C Audio, Japan

    I listened Shimadzu Model-1, new 6cm DSS Diaphragm full range system today. They sound better than previous model 'Dolphin', especially acoustic tonality and improved bass. Of course advantage of DSS Diaphragm, very high resolution, clearness and good separation of each instrument is kept. I...
  2. KyoichiOda

    ZERO LINK: A new technology from SFORZATO and SOULNOTE in Japan (with sample WAVs)

    SOULNOTE launched English website.
  3. KyoichiOda

    Concrete Fullrange Loudspeaker by Museic Soundworks in Turky

    Hello Everyone. I found a nice concrete cabinet loudspeaker on Youtube. It sounds brilliant although under development, from Museic Soundworks in Turky. They have another beautiful models with superb price, Model R, 3-way floor standing Medel MA...

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