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    David Berning Quadrature Z

    I am a long term user of David Berning amplification. Having owned the ZH270 since the late nineties, I added the ZH230 and Zotl Pre into my system, using the venerable Micro Zotl with my Jecklin Float E'static Headphones. Not trying to boast, but giving background, also explaining that I might...
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    LA HAVE AVAZA single driver coaxial.

    I have just introduced the Avaza in my studio, it ist phenomenal, and I will never have to contemplate a stronger amp again (both Berning ZH230 and Audio Consulting MIPA 30 absolutely wonderful on it. Wish I still had my Vacuum state dpa300B for comparison (got rid of it due to lack of oomph..)...
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    Proper setup!!

    I have just had a problem: From one day to the other, one channel had a badly reduced output, no distortion noticeable but simple difference of decibel. I wondered if my pre had a bad tube (Berning Zotl 1 pre), but somehow could not believe it. Before doing the usual search for faults from the...
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    Crimson CS710

    Hi Guys, I would like to know, if you have come across this little pre? Could anybody enlighten me? The most important question: Is it good? - THAT good? (I use Berning and Audio Consulting Amplification) thanks,
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    Vacuum State DPA-300B

    I am on the verge of going for a DPA-300B, designed and hand built by the late Allen Wright and his companion at Vacuum State. Has anybody used this intriguing amp and has got any wisdom for me? Would appreciate information, thanks. I use a much evolved Berning ZH270 and Audio Consulting MIPA...
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    How to use Metric Halo ULN2 as a phono stage?

    Does anybody have the RIAA curves for the ULN2 to be used as a phono preamp?? How can i do that? thanks for your help.. egidius
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    ARTORA vs Roksan oxygene and in general..

    I am looking for simple but decent gear for my holiday house in ticino and have stumbled upon ARTORA gear; Owning the Bow ZZ1 & 8 I am positive towards Bo Christensen designs.. but: Is this gear any good? They have recently sold out to Roksan with the following news...
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    Wadia Series 9 anyone??

    Would anyone in their sound mind still go for a Wadia Series 9 playback system?? I am kind of thinking about that, and need a reality check! For the record: I use a S7i at home, a Bow ZZ8 mk3 in my studio, and a MH ULN2 on the road when doing electronics. Interested in current or potential...
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    Audio Consulting MIPA 30

    Considering there is terribly little known about Audio Consulting, I thought I'd share this review of this MIPA, the amp that has all but replaced my Berning amplifier of many years!! enjoy, and let me know what...
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    BOW ZZ8 mk3 vs WADIA S7i GNSC

    This is actually a short comment on use of two phenomenal players: BOW ZZ8 mk3 vs. WADIA S7i sc GNSC I feel strongly i should write about those two players, as I have used both of them for a bit more than a year (the Bow since 2000, and again since january 2012, the WADIA GNSC since 2010...
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    Wadia RECENT developments

    i wondered if somebody could give an unbiased insight into the recent developments at Wadias? thanks Egidius
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    Battery driven gear - where does it end?

    I am currently driving my Merlin speakers with a battery driven MIPA (mains independent pa) 30W amp by Audio Consulting, which has led to a prolonged rest of my beloved Berning ZH230 - Would it be possible to direct me to more knowledge of Batteries, besides the extensive information I am...
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    Merlin Master TSM

    Hi everyone; I am just a bit ashamed to post this here, as I never thought of items as "the best". However, after using a small TSM monitor for some years, then changing to a "big" VSM Mxe speaker by Merlin Music, i have now switched to their most recent incarnation of the little speaker; I...
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    Request Media Server

    Well, today I was told by somebody who knows - and sells - that Request Media Servers as implemented by them are the best in house solution. I am inclined to beleive guys who know, but who has heard this "best" I am very careful of superlatives, but then I still run a Wadia S7i, so i must be...
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    Jecklin ES plus Berning MicroZotl

    I must admit that I have not heard the Orpheus, nor the real Stax E'stats with their dedicated tubeamp - but for anybody going into the direction of highend earphones: Try and locate the Jecklin Electrostatic earspeakers, driven by a MicroZotl amp i consider this the ultimate within my...
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    Berning forum?

    Hello, In view of a recent thread about meaningful amps in TAS - missing reference of David Berning seemed a shame to me. I am aware, that since the heyday of the ZH270, , things have changed in Bernings activity, with high price products making it less widely used. Beside Dick Olshers...
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    Anybody still uses a ML390S?

    Hi I recently aquired a Wadia S7i GNSC. Whilst it is up there in everything, including price ;-) - I actually am amazed at how good the ML390 still is; it comes in my application (Berning/Merlin) very near the Algorhythm C in the Wadia. Whats your impression on this, especially if...

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