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    Why the lack of love for Bartok?

    I would suggest you listen once to the first violin concerto. It has got two movements and they actually have an "idea" behind it: The first one is his declaration of love for Stefi Geyer (who did not care a fig) and the second one is a tantrum about said fig. It can make perfect sense, and...
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    Speaker Hunt

    Sorry for the deviation, it was triggered by somebody pointing in that direction. And at some stage, „best“ turns out as just something else rather than better..
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    Speaker Hunt

    David Bernings original ZH270 was Franco Serblins favourite test amp for his early designs, including my then Guarneris. And the Combination of Beauty and Speed still works wonders in their current iterations. Only Caveat, I have never heard the more expensive Kondos; nevertheless, my...
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    Speaker Hunt

    I had two suggestions, that have been partly mentioned elsewhere: Why don‘t you try something like Pap Trio Voxativ (which I have and love) or Pap Trio Horn, don‘t hesitate because they seem cheap.. Or: Get Yourself the Berning Quadrature Z‘ (Disclosure: I own nearly all of Berning...
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    A plea in favour of cd

    For me that problem triples with a large collection on 78's, LP's and CD'S..
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    Seems a perfect match for David Bernings Quadrature Z ( disclaimer: I am selling some of my Berning gear, as I simply have other Berning amps that fit my low power needs. And Audio Consulting for even lower power needs..this is where my open baffle pap voxativ brought me!.) Seriously...
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    What's the best subwoofer? REL? JL AUDIO? Velodyne? Wilson? Something else?

    the need... the need for this arises but rarely, as I play and produce and mostly listen music for violin.
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    New Concert Fidelity CF-080 LSX2-V2

    I can absolutely relate to this with my david berning zotl pre, funnily enough also bd.
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    Preamp Suggestions

    audio consulting If passive, then go with Audio Consulting straight away. The venerable silver rock TVA is not only in my opinion the reference against which Active stages have to be heard (Of course if impedance matching solved)
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    Mola-Mola vs. Devialet. Which Class D amp sounds less artificial? More musical?

    ...& kii?? Could anone elaborate on the kii three (or the Grimm LS1), as they are by the same hand as the MM. I have to evaluate them after having heard them once, gathering information now. Not hijacking the thread, but expanding it in the logical direction, if you don't mind? thanks!
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    Set otl?

    berning ..It was my mistake as well to think the Berning 845/211 were SET, they are Triode/ZOTL amps. I am not actually writing to correct anybody, but I must add, that I can't hear switching amps in my Quadrature Z's..(yes, I know, they are not SET, nor OTL ;-)
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    The Day the page has turned for digital - 1/5/2017'll work with A+3.0. Wait till June. . On another issue: you and I both had wadia s7i, not sure if yours was also gnsc like mine. Do you ever miss it?
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    Best integrated for under $20K

    thanks.. for your answer. I myself use with Audio Consulting and David Berning equally rare amplification, so no need to hide :-) I have never come across TB in Europe..
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    Best integrated for under $20K

    there are always great masters unheard of.. ..but regarding the TB integrated, it's all a bit "coming soon". Did you hear it, and if so, are you in any way affiliated to them? thanks for claryfying.
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    Tenor 75 OTL vs SET amps

    sorry! ..I stand corrected. I was probably overcome by the enthusiasm for my Berning Q'z ;-)
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    Tenor 75 OTL vs SET amps

    Go with the Berning 211/845!! OTL, SE, plenty of power and reliable.
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    Best integrated for under $20K

    integrated Could we think back only ten years, and maybe go to Germany, where integrateds were always high on the list: The uncrowned king was Accuphase against which the formidable German ASR (formerly Schäfer & Romp) would contend, and maybe the fancy looking Burmester (I never liked...
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    TAS review Berning 211/845 amplifier

    Just by the way: On is a guy selling his Quadrature Z amps for an absolute bargain price (not too bargain though, and that site is bona fide, as they require you to publish your identity.) I have no affiliation to the seller, but if anybody wanted to go for ultimate tube...
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    Please recommand tube power amp

    As to Atma, they do not appear here often in Europe. So I only heard an early iteration of an MA1. Again : Berning!!
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    Please recommand tube power amp

    They don't really compare, the above mentioned enchanting power demonstration vs an agile Assurance of the Bernings. And a better Q'z high frequency vs well known mid frequency of CJ.
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    Please recommand tube power amp

    I owned an upgraded PR11 that I kept even when going up the ladder. I considered the updated Pr8 of a friend of mine as one of the most impressive and enchanting power demonstrations. When I got hold of my Q'z last year the need to find CJ became obsolete. As to reliability, let's...
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    Please recommand tube power amp

    As mentioned in another thread: Berning Quadrature Z could easily be described best tube power amp, fitting your consideration, except they are mono. I do not know if the ZH230 would fit your requirements, but it is certainly up there with the best, if 30+ Watts is enough.. As of old I would...
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    Who are the most talented individuals working in the high end audio industry today?

    I would choose two guys, whose products I use: David Berning in the USA: His products exude a certain no nonsense that is altogether swept away when listening to them: Gracious, fast, cheeky, and if driven in Battery mode: Superb. Serge Schmidlin in Switzerland: Serge exels in integrated...
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    TAS review Berning 211/845 amplifier

    Zotl Pre One Let me add about the Zotl Pre One: My reference is the Audio Consulting Silver Rock - kind of the inspirator of all those cost no object passives. Serge Schmidlin goes to considerable length to describe the advantages about transformer vs. pots. Knowing him and his utmost...
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    TAS review Berning 211/845 amplifier

    ..I unfortunately sold my Guarneri's before I stumbled over a ZH270, but then I was convinced to have found my kind of amp. I still own it after owning the ZH230, which is a bit more refined, and now the Quadrature Z's, which is the best amplifiyng device I have ever enountered. Speed is there...
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    TAS review Berning 211/845 amplifier

    It is good. I used to own one of the prototypes of the Zotl pre, which I incidentally now intend to sell, because.. I decided to go for the latest design of the Zotl Pre one, that has changed enough for me to buy it. Together with my Q'z it is an outstanding pre, all along the lines of this...
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    Lampizator DSD DAC

    Audio Consulting Silver Rock? must be. The best TVC I have heard by a long shot.
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    Neumann U67 for recording at home

    Dpa Looking for outrageously good mics which don't look it: DPA 4061 or the likes. They are not the quietest, for size reasons, but they are ultra clear.. Egidius
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    David Berning Quadrature Z

    BASS and CES I am still stunned about the Quadrature Z amps. These are way the best amplification I encountered in my system. And Caesar asks in another thread about Bass: I have never cherished Bass even though I have a fabulous Stella Novus Bass regulation system - Now I understand Bass as I...
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    Streamer to kill the big boys for under $250

    Hi Blizzard, May I ask: I use Mac/A+. Is this streaming option path open for me too? Or is this basically working with HQP? thanks for your insight.

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