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  1. audiomonkey777

    Best budget turntable?

    heard lots of good things re project.
  2. audiomonkey777

    Best budget turntable?

    Hey, thanks all. Need to digest all the comments. Will report back on the outcome. Need to consider my budget - might look ay investing more but going to wait now until I can find a dealer and be able to visit, I think.
  3. audiomonkey777

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Nice choice.
  4. audiomonkey777

    the time of day has lost much of it's relevance. seems a bit disorienting to me. but i'm warming up to it.

    I'm in Spain and it's been very weird. I'm nowhere near ready for retirement and don't think I ever will be! It's been very scary but I'm a lucky one. I usually travel a lot but can also work from home. I'm enjoying a less hectic lifestyle and finding a balance. I think those of us who don't...
  5. audiomonkey777

    Win one of three iFi audio xCAN + Meze 99 Classics Silver headphones combos!

    Didn't win but never mind. I see the bundle is now on Amazon in Spain. Migt have to treat myself. Or my girlfriend.
  6. audiomonkey777

    TV theme songs with chops.

    Loved this as a youngster. Epic tune.
  7. audiomonkey777

    What's the best headphone amp you have heard?

    I'm fairly new to all of this really but it seems from my reading that you need to match your headphones to your amp really? And your own taste? Surely it's subjective? A friend of mine swears by his Pro iCAN (amp) and Pro iDSD (DAC/streamer) stack from iFi audio - he would say that for his...
  8. audiomonkey777

    iFi audio iSilencer+ and iDefender+

    Okay - I reckon then that's be onto Amazon in Spain then to see if I can get an iDefender+. Who knows at the moment but thanks for the confirmation.
  9. audiomonkey777

    iFi audio iSilencer+ and iDefender+

    It's more or less a free world, apart from the odd lockdown!
  10. audiomonkey777

    iFi audio iSilencer+ and iDefender+

    Hi. Just seen this when replying to the xCAN thread. I have an iMac that I'm probably going to link up to an xDSD and some desktop speakers. The iMac (and my MacBook) are a bit noisy to be honest - a hum as mentioned above - would the iDefender+ work here? I think I've read about Macs in general...
  11. audiomonkey777

    iFi audio xCAN - Would YOU like to try one?

    Hey there. I was thinking about the xDSD to work with my iMac and desktop speakers. Would this work instread or do I still need a DAC? I used to have a nano BL but lost it. Don't ask. Now on shut down in Spain and need to get my act into gear to up my istening or I'm going to go mad. Thanks
  12. audiomonkey777

    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones

    Thanksfor your response. I'll give them a go. Seriously now thiking about getting the iFi audio xDSD so need some that will work well this this.
  13. audiomonkey777

    ifi audio xDSD - The Official Thread

    Hey guys - now really thinking about getting one of these - xDSD. I can get from Amazon Spain - xDSD - (which might be best at the moment) but who would you recommend going to for a dealer in Spain? PS Also noticed this on the iFi site from an Amazon UK review - "On my PS4 volume levels...
  14. audiomonkey777

    Best budget turntable?

    Okay guys - lots to consider then. Budget would be up to £500 to start with I guess as I'm aslo trying to sort out my digital set-up (over in another thread lol) - although I have to say I'm getting more and more excited about getting into the vinyl. First bit of advice I;m going to take is...
  15. audiomonkey777

    Best desktop DAC/amp for an old iMac (2015) and average bookshelf speaker?

    Thanks. Mmm get the LPS should help things most definitely. . I was also reading eslewhere that my iMac could potentially have grounding issues as well. I can't say I noticed a hum or buzz before but then I wasn't settled long enough really. Listened to more audio on the move. I need to have a...
  16. audiomonkey777

    Best budget turntable?

    Have just 'inherited' a vinyl collection but don't have anyhting to play them on. Looking for a budget turntable. What would you guys suggest? Completely new to vinyl so need something relatively easy to set-up and understand.
  17. audiomonkey777

    * Did you watch a film last night (on Blu or DVD), and what was it? *

    yup - I don't mind them for a harmless watch but please, let that be the last one. This guy has more to offer. Keep meaning to watch this - The Vanishing - but haven't got round to it yet.
  18. audiomonkey777

    Best desktop DAC/amp for an old iMac (2015) and average bookshelf speaker?

    I'm setting up my home, well flat-office, and starting from scratch having recently lost my portable dac/amp while travelling. What would work well with an iMac? I'm looking to spend less than £300 ish as i'm on a small budget due to new circumstances but I can't live without my music. I prefer...
  19. audiomonkey777

    iFi audio Aurora - The Official Thread

    Congrats on the front cover guys!
  20. audiomonkey777

    * Did you watch a film last night (on Blu or DVD), and what was it? *

    Watched 'Angel Has Fallen' - seen the others and thought I'd complete the set. Very disappointing.
  21. audiomonkey777

    Can you find the dog?

    about 30 secs.... started scanningo in the right place. lol. Sunday morning fun.
  22. audiomonkey777

    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones

    Hey there. thanks for the response - don't think my budget runs to the Susvaras! lol. I bet they make a great listen though. The Ananda's might be a goer. Need to find somewhere near me I can audition them. Anyone got them? Would welcome you thoughts. Thanks.
  23. audiomonkey777

    Listening to Abbey Road using the opticalRendu for Roon

    Hi - I'm looking for more info on Roon to be honest. I'm just getting back into audio - I use Tidal and have dabbled a bit with Qobuz. Why should I try Roon? And what is it exactly? Sorry for my ignorance.
  24. audiomonkey777

    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones

    Sorry for the delay - been away. I will defo check out that review. Thanks.
  25. audiomonkey777

    Our Plans for the NEW FORUM

    I'm not a big poster as I travel ALOT and don't always get the time I'd like to mouch around and post but I've become an occassional member on a few varied forums of late and still keep coming back to this one. It has a great feel and I love the plans you've laid out. All good stuff and thanks...
  26. audiomonkey777

    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones

    Thans for these. Will take a look.
  27. audiomonkey777

    WBF meets AMR / iFi audio

    Mmm Focal Utopia - look like i need to get myself to a show. Any recommendations? I've in Spain btu often travel for work in Europe. Someone on another thread is reccomending the HD800s... any thoughts on those ones?
  28. audiomonkey777

    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones

    Thanks. Sounds like a good recommendation then. Love jazz and the blues so I may be on to a winner.

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