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    What is the best KT88 tube available?

    Just wondering if you can even find Gold Lions NOS. Is there anything recent that is close to them in sound quality?
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    Damping Factor... How important is it?

    How important is an amplifiers damping factor in relation to speaker choice? I was curious because some speaker designs seem to be made for low watt SET amplifiers while others like Magnepans seem to be power hungry. Does an amps damping factor have a effect on sound and speaker efficiency?
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    Shame on Acoustic Sounds poor customer service

    Recently, a friend of mine put in an order for one of the Hobson Classic records from his personal collection. My friend is a record collector and has been doing business with Acoustic Sounds since they opened their doors in 1984. He still has flyers from them dating back to their beginnings...
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    Mint Bozak Concert Grands How big a room?

    A friend of mine has a mint pair of Concert Grands that I am thinking of purchasing but do not know much about them. What kind of amplification? How big of a room would I need? Any other considerations?
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    Baking Tape and original master tapes and the truth?

    I was recently in a conversation regarding the 45 RPM Doors reissues and the fact that the original master tapes were baked to try to extract more fidelity from them. Can they be used after they undergo this process? I thought no. Also, people search for first press of albums and one of the...
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    Cartridge for Technics 1200G

    Cartridge recommendation for a 1200G? Currently using the stock arm and a Pickering xsv 3000. I would like to try a moving coil. I have a pass labs phonostage and Mcintosh tube gear.
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    MIC overload or what is it with remastered Blue Notes and other Rudy Van Gelder recordings

    It seems I get this strange occurrence when listening to remastered LPs. Especially the Blue Notes, Verve jazz recordings and other recordings as well. I am not sure if its in an effort to increase the sense of space or what but it drives me crazy when a loud trumpet sounds and its mainly...
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    How do I clean dust off of a cantilever?

    I have noticed on my Delos that it has accumulated quite a bit of dust on the top of the cantilever. Not wanting to damage the cartridge, I have not touched it. Does anybody know how to get it off?
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    Contact Cleaning.... How often?

    I have just cleaned all of my connections from tube pins, interconnect, and ac power cords and cartridge leads. It does make a difference. How often do you do it?
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    What does a "dynamic sounding speaker" mean?

    As I go through my audio journey, sometimes I find myself asking this question. What is a dynamic sounding speaker as opposed to a not so dynamic sounding speaker? As I sit here listening to a pair of Quad ESL's, what is it that people do not find "dynamic" about them? They are fast, they are...
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    What is Hi Fi sound?

    I have seen in some threads members mentioning a Hi Fi sound and I am trying to understand what that means.
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    Original VPI Scout - The audiophiles best kept secret?

    After many years of listening to many turntables, I have found that the venerable VPI scout well isolated can be one of the best values and best sounding turntables period. I have some secrets to share from my years with the scout. YMMV but I am really enjoying my humble scout and these are a...
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    Hum issues with Ortofon Quintet Mono cartridge

    I recently purchased a mono quintet MC cartridge and I am experiencing hum through a Pass labs Xono phono preamp. I have no hum with any other cartridges I own. I took the cartridge to my local brick and mortar where i puchased it and listened to it on the same turntable I have (technics...

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