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  1. wisnon

    Double whammy for Music lovers and fans

    Hugh Masekela passed away yesterday. RIP Mr Stimela! Neil Diamond had retired from touring due to his worsening Parkinson's disease!
  2. wisnon

    Sonner Audio speakers...

    Has anyone here heard them? A pal of mine in Mass bought then and said they were super dynamic speakers. He drives when with SPEC class d amps which have very high voltage transistors.
  3. wisnon

    Bob Marley restored....
  4. wisnon

    What a great Xmas party …. Illusonic Christmas party

    They said HI Keith (Purite). Yeah, just getting back from chatting with some significant people in Swiss Audio. Antoine Petrov --R&D head of Devialet. (ex-Goldmund) Interesting chats about the Phantom (present and its possible future). DSD vs PCM and their proper implementation, tubes and...
  5. wisnon

    Swisscables review from (Matej) I hear another review is in the works too. These cables are hand made with no short cuts and designed by the LumenWhite team. Barbara and Anton Suter have taken on quite a challenging task to produce these cables...
  6. wisnon

    Montreux show.

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