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  1. Elliot G.

    John Atkinson /Stereophile Review of the Divin Marquis Check it out here is the link to the full review of the Divn Marquis from Oliver Gobel
  2. Elliot G.

    Reviews of Gobel Speakers in the press

    We are happy to share some great news: Dirk Sommer, the worldwide renown chief editor of the audiophile magazine wrote a raving review about our Epoque Aeon Fine loudspeakers. He was so impressed, that after the review he bought the Epoque Aeon Fine loudspeakers for his...
  3. Elliot G.

    Check out the forthcoming October Stereophile Magazine

    Exciting news from Gobel High End and Bending Wave USA.
  4. Elliot G.

    Rockport with their new Amp

  5. Elliot G.

    Audio Beat describes the CH Digital System in depth by Roy Gregory If you want to know what the individiual pieces of CH Precision offer and what sonic changes they make then this is quite a good road map. I own a C-1 mono with T1 clock and X-1 power supplies, no transport. Hard to find one to listen...
  6. Elliot G.


  7. Elliot G.

    Looking for a new home C1Mono plus

    I have a C1 mono Dac, with T1 clock and three X-1 power supplies. I believe this is the best combo I have heard and I have heard most of the state of the art contenders. Whether it is is of course a decision for each to make on their own. The DAC has the latest software, the new Ethernet...
  8. Elliot G.

    Coming to America not starring Eddie Murphy
  9. Elliot G.

    Member quick Survey about Axpona 2020 in August

    Gentlemen, Would you please answer this question YES or No. I don't need to know your thinking or reasoning I am just trying to see if anyone is going to attend IF they hold the show. The date is Aug.7-9th and its in Schaumberg Illinois. Thank you
  10. Elliot G.

    If there was ever a time to support Local Small business its now

    Amazon and all the big guys don't need your money however your local business does. Small businesses will suffer during these times and now is the time to help them.
  11. Elliot G.

    Axpona 2020 Moved to Auguest 7th-9th

    Dear AXPONA Community, AXPONA has been rescheduled from April 17-19 to August 7-9, 2020 out of concern for the health and safety of all participants due to the growing coronavirus situation. This decision was made following an outpouring of feedback from the AXPONA community over the last 72...
  12. Elliot G.

    How many WBF members will attend Axpona 2020 in April?

    Which shows do you attend and why? Favorite and Why? thank you
  13. Elliot G.

    Same room with different players at Axpona 2020

    Please join us in the Club Room at Axpona 2020 it is going to be a great event and even Rickie Lee Jones will be there! Its a great show and a World Premier Event for Gobel and the Divin Marquis Join us with VTL, Basis Audio, Wadax and some special surprises Coming this April in Schaumberg...
  14. Elliot G.

    New Installation Pics

  15. Elliot G.

    C1 DAC with USB and HD board and latest software

    I have an extra C1 DAC that I have only used at 3 shows ( since I have a C1 Mono in my showroom) That I am interested in selling since I know I will not be using it this year at Axpona 2020. If you have interest please PM me. US only please.
  16. Elliot G.

    New B & W Dealer

    My business partners company Front Row Theater has just been appointed as a new B &W dealer and will be carrying the full line of speakers including the diamond series and the top of the line 800D
  17. Elliot G.

    Bending Wave at RMAF 2019
  18. Elliot G.

    On the "Trayle" to great sound

    Well I left my happy home To see what I could find out I left my folk and friends With the aim to clear my mind out Well I hit the rowdy road And many kinds I met there And many stories told me on the way to get there So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out So much left to know, and I'm...
  19. Elliot G.

    RMAF is coming soon

    Bending Wave USA is proud to announce our plans for the upcoming RMAF at the Gaylord Resort in Denver Colorado Sept 5-8. We will be showing the Divin Noblesse Speakers with full Gobel Lacorde Reference Speaker/balanced interconnects/digital and power cables driven by CH Precision M1.1 Power...
  20. Elliot G.

    Boulder 2060 amp

    got one to sell anyone want it? 44k retail used excellent shape
  21. Elliot G.

    MOC report from Lee Scoggins
  22. Elliot G.

    Just installed Nordost QX4 and Q Base 8 Mk2 in my system today

    I have been playing around with power products and in particular products that I am able to use at the Audio Shows we participate in. Most hotel rooms have insufficient outlets and not the cleanest power. I installed this today and I am letting it run in. My initial reaction is very positive as...
  23. Elliot G.

    A recommendation from a New Friend

    I would like to thank David Solomon from Qobuz and new friend for turning me on to the Marcus King Band. I am a fan of southern rock and guitar players and this band is so freeking good. If you like the Allman Brothers , Atlanta Rhythm Section, Needtobreathe mixedin with a large dash of R&B, a...
  24. Elliot G.

    Part time Audiophile Axpona 2019 report
  25. Elliot G.

    Bending Wave/CH Precision/Gobel High End/TechDAS - Club Room 15th Floor

    We will be premiering in the U.S. The Gobel High End Divin Noblesse Speakers with CH Precision Electronics - AmpM1.1, Preamp L1 Phono sectionP1, DAC C1 Lacorde Statement Cables and the TechDAS Airforce One Premium Turntable System. The Staff includes : Oliver Gobel- Rafael Pasche Ralph...
  26. Elliot G.

    The Audio Beat visits Bending Wave USA Grand Opening Event Thank you to the Audio beat and Guy Lemcoe for their attendance and extremely kind words.

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