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  1. Marcin_gps

    JCAT - power supplies and other products

    Hi Guys, The JCAT OPTIMO 3 DUO PSU was discussed already in the m12 switch gold thread, but I think I need to start a separate topic especially that there are other new products coming. I will post information about the developments in this thread. Let me start with some information about the...
  2. Marcin_gps

    FS: Sablon Audio Corona Reserva, Panatela Reserva IC, Panatela Reserva Speaker Cables

    Hi Guys, I have some cables for sale: - Sablon Audio Corona Reserva Schuko 1.5m Oyaide 004 (1200EUR) - Sablon Audio Panatela Reserva IC (750EUR) - Sablon Audio Panatela Reserva Speaker Cables (1400EUR) - Sablon Audio Gran Corona Schuko 1.5m Oyaide 004 (700EUR) I bought these cables...
  3. Marcin_gps

    JPLAY 6.1 adds TIDAL support

    JPLAY 6.1 released! What's new: - JPLAYStreamer now supports TIDAL! (currently only in combination with BubbleDS Next or BubbleUPnP on Android!) - JPLAYStreamer adds support for Pause & Seek functionality - New parameter: XtreamMode: Some older drivers which worked with v5 do not work with...

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