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  1. christoph

    Lampizator VINYL PHONO MC1 vs. NVO SPA II/2 Special Edition vs. DS Audio DS-W2

    Hello fellow audiophiles My friend M just recently bought a really awe-inspiring Sikora Standard Black Max Turntable with the all new Sikora KV12 Kevlar arm. Because of that, he moved his favorite DS Audio DS-W2 pickup system from the Brinkmann Bardo to the Sikora and re-mounted his Lyra Kleos...
  2. christoph

    Aries Cerat Kassandra Ref 2 vs. Lampizator Pacific DAC

    Hello fellow audiophiles After I learned quite a lot on this forum from quite a lot of people, I think it is time to give something back to the forum. I realized, that it is very hard to almost impossible to compare the top offerings from different brands because dealers rarely have competing...
  3. christoph

    Audio Research D79A poweramp

    Hi guys I could buy a Audio Research D79A from someone rather close to my place but I have no clue about this beast. Is it as good soundwise as the seller claims and how much would be a fair price if the unit is in very good condition? How does this amp from yesteryear (when did it hit...

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