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  1. Kingsrule


    If thats the case Vinyl should be moved up one slot to be below the General forum, right?
  2. Kingsrule

    Move the Vinyl Forum

    The Vinyl Forum positioned between the Digitial and Computer Forums makes no sense...I'm thinking most users going to Digital will then go next to Computer..Vinyl is just in the way It should be in at the end or right after the General would make navigating much easier
  3. Kingsrule

    Features I'd like to see on the Select DAC II

    A software update adding: An automatic volume offset for DSD files (+3,+6,+9) would be perfect A balance control Adjustable gain settings on the output
  4. Kingsrule

    Observations and Suggestions from the "other side"

    Ron and Steve How about agreeing to a #1 directive (assuming u both want a vibrant, diverse and passionate memembership): Never, ever delete a post. Comment if u like or don't. But exercising either or both of your biases on members negates anything from either of u.
  5. Kingsrule

    XS Amp Update?

    The XS series has been out since 2012 Any intel on replacements for the 150 and 300?
  6. Kingsrule

    Vox Living Voice Speakers

    Anyone own or have experience with these speakers other than hearing them at a show?
  7. Kingsrule

    Best W10 Roon Core set-up? Nucleus+ can't handel my library...

    My library is 300,000 tracks and Nucleus+ is choking trying to keep up. Roon recommends a i7 W10 setup running Roon Server for this size. I know to some of u this is bad, noisy, etc. but it it what it is. So what is the recommended best W10, i7 setup for audio?
  8. Kingsrule

    Music file storage / format changes

    I just redid my NAS drive and the sonic changes are very interesting..... I have been using for the past few years: QNAP TS453Pro with 4x4Tb hd's formatted in RAID 5. Firmware version Only music files on the NAS. I have had one drive fail in approx 600 days of use. I never turn...
  9. Kingsrule

    New 468 monos

    Any info on changes?
  10. Kingsrule

    Observation and help with 4GA wire to sub panel issue

    I decided to clean the contacts on the 4GA from the main panel to the sub panel. The main is in the garage and the sub is in the basement. 10years old, never been touched. Basement is dry, 58 degrees, 50% humidity. All 4 ends in the main were perfect, bright copper. ProGold all 4 and move to...
  11. Kingsrule

    Super Moon Nov 14

    How are u going to shoot it?
  12. Kingsrule

    FS: Various Meridian/Sooloos pieces..

    4 Rack Mount Twinstores w/1Tb harddrives..$900/ea 818v2 mint except 1 very small scratch on front corner... $5500 818v3 upgrade kit $1500 Original Sooloos System: Source One, Store Two (2pieces), Control One... $1000 All plus freight PM if interested
  13. Kingsrule

    FS: McIntosh MDA1000

    Mint with box and remote $4000 PM if interested
  14. Kingsrule

    microRendu FS

    This is my second microRendu FS. My dac is now a ROON endpoint so now it's not needed.... Mint microRendu for sale. Get it now and save Available with or without a power supply: Without: $575 including shipping (lower 48) Save $65 plus shipping charge With iFI 9v power supply: $625...
  15. Kingsrule

    FS: microRendu

    One month old, perfect condition microRendu w/o power supply $595, shipped UPS ground to lower 48. Payment by PP friends to avoid fees preferable, if not add 4% PM if interested Regards K
  16. Kingsrule

    dCS Vivaldi Cables?

    Has anyone actually tried different cables on their Vivaldi stack? It seems like the defacto go to is Transparent Reference XL clock and AES/ebu cables (especially here in the US) but I haven't seen much talk about any brands in detail. Really interested in comparisons to Transparent. I...
  17. Kingsrule

    Herzan Question

    I have one TS140 to install in an all server system. So where would I get the most benefit?: 1. Under the 4 bay QNAP 2. Under the Rossini, which is also used as preamp 3. Under the computer (has ssd) running roon
  18. Kingsrule

    Herzan implementation question

    I have one TS140 to install in an all server system. So where would I get the most benefit?: 1. Under the 4 bay QNAP 2. Under the Rossini, which is also used as preamp 3. Under the computer (has ssd) running roon
  19. Kingsrule

    Typhon price reduction?

    I noticed Music Direct has the Typhon priced with a $1500 lower price which is huge, especially for Shunyata. Normally indicates a disco'd product. Is this unit being replaced?
  20. Kingsrule

    MIT ACC Cables....

    Any details on this new range of MIT Cables?.....supposedly MIT's best ever
  21. Kingsrule

    NADAC Thread closed

    Why? Does Andrew run the board? He obviously is clueless regarding the NADAC and networking in general and paints a very negative opinion regarding the NADAC He was asked many times to give details regarding his set-up and refused to answer. It almost appears that there is another agenda...
  22. Kingsrule

    Trinity Amplifiers

    Can anyone supply info on these amps? The bits I can find are very intriguing...
  23. Kingsrule

    Is the left chanel always louder for you?

    Why is it the left side is always louder no matter what gear is in the system and what type of music being played?
  24. Kingsrule

    AC Cable is there a difference in brands?

    So is all 12/2, 10/2, etc. AC cable the same sonically? Anyone ever compare brands?
  25. Kingsrule

    MIT Speaker Cables?

    Help and guidance from all the MIT aficionados please! Looking at the MIT line up it seems like the Oracle Matrix Super HD 120 is the one to buy from the snippets I can but together So my questions 1. Are these cables do for an upgrade? Seems like they have been around for quite some...
  26. Kingsrule

    Retail of 400's and 300?

    Can anyone help here with the retail prices of these amps?
  27. Kingsrule

    FS: Devialet D Premier

    Mint with all boxes and remote $8995.00 USD plus freight, shipped from NY
  28. Kingsrule

    Why are downloaded cd's so expensive? Is it a rip-off?

    I have a hard time justifying the cost of cd downloads, especially the hi rez stuff. Compared to cd's there are: No distributors No rack jobbers No jewel cases No booklets No transportation costs No retailer mark-ups Lets also say the administration costs vs the web delivery costs are...
  29. Kingsrule

    Slow site

    It seems over the last month or so the site has been pretty slow for me. It used to be pretty snappy. Anyone else experiencing slow performance?
  30. Kingsrule

    Nordost SORT FUT

    Anyone try these ? They look like Stillpoints taken to the next level....

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