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    New MSB Amp Marketing Claim: "Make 2nd Tier Recordings Sound as Good as the Best Recordings" - Big Hairy Audacious Goal or Reality? What's behind it?

    Too many audiophiles have accepted that for their system to be "high fidelity", their system can only sound good with 600 of the best recorded - but musically rotten - CDs. And it has to sound like crap with poor recordings. These clowns and fargen idiots frequently claim that "you can't make a...
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    Is there an Inherent Leanness to OTL Designs? Does the Speaker have to be Warm for OTLs to Work their Magic?

    OTLs when paired with the right speakers are some of the most incredible combinations in audio. Soundlab and Atmasphere is an incredible combo, one of the best in all of high end , regardless of price. But Soundlab seems much warmer than its distant cousin, the Martin Logan CLX. Also...
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    Aggregate Page for Latest Stories from All Top Audio Sites and Hot forum Topics from Other Forums? Make the Best even Better

    Actually make this site the top destination for all of audio. Not sure "if it's possible", but just a thought...
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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    What speakers were used? And which 845 tubes? Thanks in advance
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    Magico M9 vs. Magico Ultimate 3 Horn- Box vs. Horn! Which will be better? In which ways?

    Just a handful of years ago, Magico Ultimate Horn was considered the best speaker in the world - by some. But after arguing for horn virtues for their flagship, Magico is moving away from horns. Yes, M9 is better looking, but considering both require a dedicated room to bring out their full...
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    Sibilance and Nasal Colorations - Banished in today's good gear?

    A few years ago, these colorations were very evident in much of the cheaper gear. Have these problems been solved?
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    How Many Different Tables, Arms for each, Cartridges, and Phono Stages for Full Emotional Interpretation of music? Forget the Budget! What's Best?

    Many of the hard core vinyl enthusiasts I know have a number of tables using different designs (Direct Drive, Idler, etc.), each table has multiple arms, and multiple cartridges. Of course, there could be multiple phono stages: tube, SS, or combinations of each. How many does one need to own...
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    PSET vs SET vs Push Pull for Similarly Powered Amps. Which are Most Musical? More Resolving? What are the Trade-offs?

    Assuming proper speakers, of course How does SET compare to PSET? Does Push Pull always lose? What have you heard?
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    Does Anyone Understand the ELAC speaker designs that make them sound so competitive to Wilsons and Magicos (and even better than these at shows)?

    Anyone understand the design choices ELAC has made? And I never heard either magico or wilson sound as good as ELAC at shows, although I have no doubt magico and wilson would be better in a perfect room. Andrew Jones constantly gets applause at his show demos.
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    Tube DACs vs. Delta Sigma DACs vs Ladder DACs vs. Multibit DACs? Sonic Signatures readily evident for TOP Designs? Tubes give up Anything?

    Can anyone readily identify which technology is used in top engineering implementations of the top DACs? My guess is that identifying a Tube DAC would be easiest. Is that a correct assumption? Do tube DACs sound softer, mushier, and less dynamic? (For full transparency, my personal...
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    Are there ANY Measurements, Signs, or Hints that a Tube amp can PROPERLY Drive an AMP to full Microdynamic Expression? Or purely Experiential?

    I wonder if there's something one could check before buying blind or hauling in a demo model...
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    Will you be Attending an Audio Show in the Near Future? What will it take?

    What will it take for you guys to walk narrow hotel halls and sit in tight quarters with others in small hotel room?
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    What Tube Preamps Synergize with Boulder Amplifiers?

    Appreciate the replies
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    Best Amps for Sonus Faber Aida and Later Generation Sonus Speakers?

    Aida seems very hard to drive. Heard Aidas with Audio Research, but it doesn't seem to be able to drive them to sound good with anything but small scale stuff and vocals. Can't rock with The Who with even ARC 750 monoblocks. But recently heard the Aidas with Soulution. WOW!!!!
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    Anyone have more success with Urethane Foam vs. Fiberglass?

    Anyone prefer urethane foam to fiberglass?
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    Should the 1st Third of the Room (Speaker-side) Contain the Most Treatments or Spread Evenly?

    Top guys like Art Noxon and many others recommend to have most treatments in the first third of the room, by the speakers, to capture the waves "at the source". Others recommend to spread the same amount of evenly. Please share what you have found. Thank you
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    What is the most Forgiving Speaker/ Amp Combo at the High End for guys who like to Stream (Many Crap Recordings) that are recommended by algorithms?

    At the low end, Zu owns this market. At the high-end, many modern speakers are so resolving that the crappy recordings sound horrendous on typical streamed music. Does any speaker / amp combo stand out for guys who like to stream hours on end?
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    Why do some High Efficiency Speakers Sound Better with Lower-Powered Amplifiers than with Higher Ones?

    I am not talking about preference, but the system sounding right. For example, a 2A3 amp and its flea watts can sound right on a high-efficiency speaker (97+), while a 30 or 60 watt tube amp on the same speaker sounds "broken" or "way-off" from any semblance of realism? Does anyone have any...
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    What are the Most Musically Compelling and Good/ Decent Sounding OPERA Recordings?

    Opera fans, please chime in! Thank you
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    What Amps are People Using with Latest Generation of Magicos? What have you heard that Impressed You?

    I think the best amps for the latest Magicos are CAT - by far. Tube magic and bass that gives up little to SS. I know a lot of tube people are also pairing Magico and Jadis for that glorious midrange, but I am not crazy about Jadis bass. SS wise, for my taste, Magico is great with Class A...
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    How Reliable are Ferraris These Days?

    Does it make any sense to get a 2-3 year old used vehicle and hold on to it for 4-5 years, without completely emptying the wallet on repairs?Thanks in advance for replies
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    True or False: If a System Can Sound Great with Orchestral Music, Can it Also ROCK?

    Or not? Appreciate the thoughts!
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    Anyone use or is familiar with Zanden room treatment foam?

    I heard it once During a Zanden demo. The guy from Zanden had plastered the whole front wall with this stuff, and it didn’t deaden the room at all. Instead, to my surprise, it made everything better. Does anyone use this stuff or have any idea what it is?
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    What innovations and improvements have there been in Horn Speakers in the last 20 years? Any?

    Horns seem like such a tiny market, at least in North America. What innovations have there been for these types of speakers in the last 20 years, if any? What are the sonic differences?

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