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  1. EddieSudz

    Music Library Software

    Can anyone provide feedback regarding any software they might be using to manage their music collection/library? Ideally I'd like to be able to create a user friendly database that will manage my vinyl, cd's and tapes that I also could access on either my Android phone or iPad. I currently...
  2. EddieSudz

    Plants as difusion? If so any suggestions?

    I have a need for some diffusion in the front part of the room. I have seen plants/trees used in some environments and wondered if this would be a viable option? Are they really effective versus a dedicated diffusion panel? I have a challenging environment which limits mounting panels...
  3. EddieSudz

    Sound quality A810 vs. A820

    Can anyone chime in on the sound quality differences between these two Studer decks from a repro and record characteristic? Happy Thanksgiving!

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