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  1. CKKeung

    A new Cessaro desktop horn speaker : It's not a toy!

    Newly arrived at Hong Kong. A true horn design with nano sized mono amps. Due to the lockdown I haven't listened to it but my frds who did so said that it's super cute, with surprisingly good sonics and maybe better than the Wilson Audio TuneTot as a true desktop speaker.
  2. CKKeung

    A New Wave of Class D Integrated Amplifiers

    There seems to be a new wave of new integrated amplifiers employing Class D amp modules : Primare, Marantz, Technic ...etc. The smaller amp section makes space for network connectivity, dac, phonoamp ...etc. May not be a bad idea, when Class D amp technology has evolved and improved for so many...
  3. CKKeung

    Melco / Dela S10 Switch : more and more expensive audiophile switches!

    Dela / Melco just announced a new top audiophile switch model : S10. A limited edition. With upgraded chassis and an external linear powersupply. Looks nice and well-built but msrp is 600,000 yen (excluding tax)! Anyway it's not as dear as the...
  4. CKKeung

    Vertere Redline power cable : Perfect for CAS components!

    My CAS friends and I have been into CAS for nearly 10 years and have the following feelings to share : Are CAS really convenient? Yes, extremely convenient in terms of expanding our music library and knowledge to near-infinity by streaming. Yes, we can have handy & univeral controls ...
  5. CKKeung

    SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!

    IMHO an audiophile switch is a mandatory components for all CAS audiophiles. My favourite audiophile switches in the current market are SOtM sNH-10G, Melco S-100 and Telegartner M12 Gold. I shared my views on them on various WBF threads before. They possess diff sonic characters and if used in a...
  6. CKKeung

    Luxman D-03X cd player : underrated & ignored?

    Luxman has launched a new cd player D-03X a few months ago. It's in the mid price category yet very well-built. I guess the D-03X has been over-shadowed by the coming flagship D-10X. However I think it should not be underrated & ignored! Here...
  7. CKKeung

    Mr. Yoav Geva has left YG Acoustics

    Mr. Yoav Geva has left YG Acoustics What will be the future of YG Acoustics? Any info about the new venture of Mr. Yoav Geva?
  8. CKKeung

    The HK Hi-end Audio Visual Show 2020

    With so many hifi shows postponed or cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic, the HK Hi-end Audio Visual Show 2020 which will proceed as scheduled in Hong Kong in August may be the first large-scale show in the world in 2020...
  9. CKKeung

    MSB S202 stereo poweramp

    Just announced on MSB facebook and :*s*s-R
  10. CKKeung

    Physical Media (CD & LP): the later the versions/releases, the worse the sonics!

    Just read this opinion written by Patrick Cleasby on Patrick talked about possible causes such as : " ... the use of sub-par masters, incorrect handling of Dolby A noise reduction, flaky attempts to breach...
  11. CKKeung

    TAD (technical-audio-devices-laboratories) Visit by Soundstage Global Jan2020
  12. CKKeung

    Goebel's Divin Series

    The newest and smallest member of this Divin Series is the Divin Marquis : Details : WBF members who will visit AXPONA 2020, please give us a report and some photos. Thanks!
  13. CKKeung

    Grandioso PS1 : external PSU for K1X sacd player

    Grandioso PS1 is the optional external PSU for K1X sacd player. msrp : ¥1,200,000 " ... Grandioso PS1 is an external enhanced power supply unit dedicated to the analog circuit (D / A converter module) of Grandioso K1X. The PS1 has four powerful...
  14. CKKeung

    Two reissue high rez Beethoven Symphonies boxsets

    Both are classics! Both are conducted by maestros. Both are decades old (1959 vs 1960s). Both are high rez reissues (hybrid sacd vs BR-audio). What I can say is : Many things in music and audio are old but not senile. Actually the older the more lovely! :D The Bruno Walter boxset is a...
  15. CKKeung

    Melco S100 audiophile switch

    Melco just launched a new audiophile S100 : It's very well-built : I want to borrow one for home trial but has not been successful because the dealer which takes care of Hong Kong is located...
  16. CKKeung

    Reality is Cruel Part II : CH Precision T1 10M Clock

    How lucky I am! A wish of mine has materialized just before Xmas : testing the CH Precision T1 in an home environment! :cool: T1 was launched nearly 2 years ago but has got not much attention. There are only a few reviews on it, including a more recent one on . The main...
  17. CKKeung

    New Ref 6SE and Ref 750SEL

    I wonder if upgrades for the Re6 and Ref750SE are available?
  18. CKKeung

    SME will exit the tonearm retail & OEM business.

    " ... SME will exit the tonearm retail and OEM business with immediate effect shifting our focus on our core turntable and tonearm combination business ... "
  19. CKKeung

    The coming Magico M Series Flagship

    Alon may be spilling the beans deliberately! :p Please look carefully at this photo posted on the Magico Facebook on 29 Nov : Can you see the photo taken by that professional digital camera? :cool: I heard that this flagship model would be launched in 2020. I believe it will be in the same...
  20. CKKeung

    TAD R1TX speakers and M700 monos at Tokyo International Audio Show 2019

    My friend TLi has flied to Tokyo to attend the Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 (TIAS) on 22-24 Nov. TAD is debuting their new R1TX-BR and new M700 monoblocks at this TIAS 2019. Thomas said that they gave a very authoritative sound despite the room was crowded with Japanese audiophiles.
  21. CKKeung

    I salute C&H of CH Precision for their DIG_IN HD Board Upgrade & Ethernet_IN HD board Upgrade

    CH Precision has announced and made available their DIG_IN HD board Upgrade and Ethernet_IN HD board Upgrade for some time. There have already been some reviews on the internet ...
  22. CKKeung

    Denali 6000/S V2 is so good that Triton V3 has to be discontinued

    The Shunyata Denali 6000/S V2 is so good that the Triton V3 has to be discontinued for a coming better flagship model! :eek:
  23. CKKeung

    Luxman's new D-10X flagship sacd player

    The new Luxman D-10X flagship sacd player will be available in Dec 2019 : The msrp in Japan is ¥1,200,000.
  24. CKKeung

    Meeting David in Hong Kong

    What an opportunity last night! My friend and I had a gathering with David in Hong Kong. A guru, authority, master...! I learned a lot from him! And the gathering was so interesting because I brought my friend Thomas Li who owns an Air Force 1 Premium (and will buy the AF Zero) with me. Haha...
  25. CKKeung

    Cybershaft new top model 10M clocks : UPOCXO-OP20A/OP21A

    Wow! New top models! Cybershaft 10 M clocks : UPOCXO-OP20A/OP21A Many new/improved features! Attractive!
  26. CKKeung

    MCB & other Breakers : Not to be ignored when perfecting audio powerlines

    When I read the Tweak Forum and Power Forum of WBF, I notice that there are many discussions on building dedicated powerlines for home audio and AV systems. WBF brothers talked about 130V vs 240V ; selection of in-wall cables ; different wall-sockets and even installing huge transformer filters...
  27. CKKeung

    The Uptone Audio EtherRegen audiophile switch

    The Uptone Audio EtherRegen audiophile switch is around the corner! The official webpage is set up and online ordering launched : :cool: My friends in Hong Kong and I have group-preordered several of them via the HK dealer a few months ago. We...
  28. CKKeung

    Graham's new LS5/5

    Graham just announced to launch/recreate the LS5/5 : May we know more about this model? What's its virtues and how is it diff from other BBC models and other brands? Thanks!
  29. CKKeung

    Seemingly nonsense and risky tweaks for CH Precision components

    Last night I home-visited "Simcity", a friend in Hong Kong who is a fans of CH Precision. Here is his system : Sonis Faber Amati Futura bi-amped by two CH M1, P1 for his Air Force One, C1 as dac for a Denon cdp acting as cd transport and a X1 supplying C1 & P1. The hifi racks are Artesania...
  30. CKKeung

    PLiXiR Elite Series balanced Power - an unpretentious choice for my MSB Select stack

    There are very different types of power conditioners for audio in the market : filters, power-regenerators, magnetic, transformers ...etc. Each has its own merits and pitfalls. I don't think there is an overall champion. I personally dislike filter type of power-conditioners. IMO The PS Audio...

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