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  1. EddieSudz

    Our Piazzolla Master Tape at the Munich High End Show, 2018.

    We were the recipients of this exact tape. It is a sonic gem. It has a very "you are there" quality about it. I would consider this a "must have" for any tape collection. Simply amazing! Nice work Nikolai!
  2. EddieSudz

    T.H.E. Show Newport 2018 Ron Report: Evolution Acoustics / darTZeel / Wave Kinetics / Durand

    Agreed! That set up with the MM3 EXTACT was phenomenal!
  3. EddieSudz

    THE Show Irvine roll call

    Hello DaveyF We truly appreciate the great feedback on your experience in our room! The sound was sublime and we're happy you enjoyed it as well! We are flattered with your joint BOS nod! Thanks again!
  4. EddieSudz

    Some General Thoughts About THE Show 2018

    Good Morning Steve Thanks so much for your high praise of our room. We were extremely pleased and excited about the exquisite sound our gear was producing. As you mentioned we will have 100 pairs of the Maestoso speakers available for sale and once they are gone they will be gone forever...
  5. EddieSudz

    T.H.E. Show Newport 2018 Ron Report: Evolution Acoustics / darTZeel / Wave Kinetics / Durand

    Good Morning Ron Sorry we missed each other on your visit. Thank you so much for your kind words about the wonderful sound we were able to produce in our room. Kevin did a fantastic job of showcasing the wonderful EA Maestoso speakers powered by the impecable darTZeel electronics. This was...
  6. EddieSudz

    Evolution Acoustics Lauches MMExact Lineup Of Loudspeakers

    Very nice Mr. Radca! Can't wait to see the next pic! MM7's baby!
  7. EddieSudz

    Durand Telos Sapphire with composite arm wand (final version)

    Wow! Congrats Mike! Enjoy the tunes!
  8. EddieSudz

    Evolution Acoustics Lauches MMExact Lineup Of Loudspeakers

    Thanks Mike... Interesting that your experience mimicked mine. As the MM3 as Mike described excels in the areas of sense of space, being able to extract the micro dynamics and realistic timbre of instruments, the MMExact allows it to do MORE of what it already does so well. It draws you further...
  9. EddieSudz

    Evolution Acoustics Lauches MMExact Lineup Of Loudspeakers

    Agreed! I heard the MMExact at the designers house through MM3's.... Loved the difference as I got to listen with and without the MMExact. Took the already great MM3 to new heights.
  10. EddieSudz

    Anyone successfully move from a high end tube preamp to SS, and not miss a thing?!?

    Went from VTL 7.5MK II > DarTZeel 18NS Not missing anything at all!
  11. EddieSudz

    How big is your room? W' x L' x H'

    Hi Bruce (Bfalls) ..... Very nice setup and a great use of available space! I'm in So Cal and would love to have a listen if that might be possible? Excellent job!
  12. EddieSudz

    I Remember....

    This type of demo is what convinced me to buy my Dual in the late 70's. Walked into Pacific Stereo said I was looking for a turntable. After looking at a few he took me over to the Dual section and said that NO other turntable could do what he was about to show me. He proceeded to turn the...
  13. EddieSudz

    NVS Turntable?

    Maybe we are just too busy enjoying the turntable to post comments about how much we love it! I consider the NVS a reference level performer. I too have owned a few turntables and this one took my vinyl enjoyment to a whole different level. As a fellow tape head, the NVS is no slouch when...
  14. EddieSudz

    Record Cleaning Machines

    I may have 30 - 40 cleaned since the repair. Seems to be working ok. Just get the occasional water droplet. Still cleans better than my old VPI 17f. I just hope I never have to worry about future service issues.
  15. EddieSudz

    Record Cleaning Machines

    Great news... hopefully will have mine back on Wednesday of next week....
  16. EddieSudz

    Record Cleaning Machines

    Wow.... now I'm really starting to be concerned with the Cable Company telling me that they've NEVER seen this issue before! They've been trying to hunt down Reiner Glass (over a week now) to gain direction on how to handle the situation. I think I'm going to jump on the phone with them today...
  17. EddieSudz

    Record Cleaning Machines

    I have the same concern although it seems like others have a high number of records cleaned with no issues... maybe we just got a couple of bad units. Had the Monks Ruby prior to this and the Audiodesk cleans a bit more thorough and is more convenient as it does both sides at once but...
  18. EddieSudz

    Record Cleaning Machines

    Did you send yours to Cable Co? I've got a few piling up as well! Can't wait to get mine back!
  19. EddieSudz

    Record Cleaning Machines

    Interesting Christian! Mine failed after about 1000 records. The rollers would not disengage so it made cleaning a bit difficult. Cable Co said they had never seen anything like it. Mine has been with them for 2 weeks. Did you return yours for service recently?
  20. EddieSudz

    Ortofon A90

    It would be interesting to hear the rumble that you speak of..... Thanks!
  21. EddieSudz

    Ortofon A90

    I have to say I have not experienced this type of behavior with the A90. Is it safe to assume The you have all of the settings within the ballpark range? (VTA, VTF, SRA, Azimuth, etc?)
  22. EddieSudz

    MM7's are here

    Love it! They definitely fit in the beautiful room of yours! Can't wait to hear them live and in person!
  23. EddieSudz

    Music Library Software

    Can anyone provide feedback regarding any software they might be using to manage their music collection/library? Ideally I'd like to be able to create a user friendly database that will manage my vinyl, cd's and tapes that I also could access on either my Android phone or iPad. I currently...
  24. EddieSudz

    The best musical selections at RMAF 2012

    Cleaned this album yesterday along with a bunch of others I got from Chad. Glad to hear that the Doug MacLoed should be a winner! Hoping to fire it up later today!
  25. EddieSudz

    Scare me away from tape...

    The two techs that I've used hailed from Record One in Hollywood, Alan Sides studio. They are both named Mike.... One I can't recall his last name worked on my A80 and the other Mike.. Mike Guerra is my ATR tech... They are both killer techs and I highly recommend both. Guerra's specialty is...
  26. EddieSudz

    Scare me away from tape...

    The great Charlie Bolois! The 820 is in great hands!
  27. EddieSudz

    Scare me away from tape...

    Sam... are you having your 820 worked on in LA somewhere? If so, who is the tech doing your work?

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