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  1. steve59

    Do you share your system with other audiophiles?

    I enjoy bringing friends and family into my listening room to listen, but when it comes to fellow audiophiles I can’t think of a possible reason I would want to bring one in to hear my system. There’s clearly something sideways about this hobby, just look at any recommendation thread when one...
  2. steve59

    Persona 7f, or 3f with a sub?

    My dealer takes in a bunch of stuff an one week he had the 7f connected to something that turned them into audiophile speakers, tight imaging, deep layered soundstage and air around all the instrument. I didn’t like i. Impressive sure, natural meh. So last time he has this 100 watt hybrid pathos...
  3. steve59

    Usher BE-20 dmd or Vienna Acoustics 'The Music'

    I've had the Ushers since new years day and have gotten a pretty good feel for them in fact I really enjoy how they sound, but ever since The Music came out and my appreciation for VA's less ambitious Beethoven speakers i'm really interested in what you guys can say that would give me am...
  4. steve59

    Revel F228be

    I saw and heard the new floorstander at Axpona last month and looking at what's out there at the $10k price point these should have place in the market. I don't put much stock in how gear sounds at shows as the stuff I like usually gets snubbed while the stuff I walk away from gets praises...
  5. steve59

    FS Revel Ultima Salon 1

    Gloss black in showroom condition, they sound amazing and so dynamic sounding in my 18x26x7' listening room, I had the f652's before these and they sound very similar with the Salon giving the music with more of everything. Because of weight pick up is the only realistic way to go, but you get...
  6. steve59

    FS Revel Salon1

    Gloss black in like new condition pair of Ultima Salon1 speakers $5500. PM me if interested. Steve
  7. steve59

    $10,000 loudspeakers

    Lets look at all the available loudspeakers NEW and USED, at and below $10k and figure out what are keepers at the price and what could be bettered for less money? Totally selfish thread since i'm looking for a $10k speaker investment and want to narrow down the list of contenders. New focal...
  8. steve59

    New to What's best.

    Hello I found this forum searching speaker evolution and found a thread by Larry Greenhill interviewing Kevin Voeks on updating the salon 1 to the v2. In it he says> "Listening tests over the past 10 years have taught us one other thing. Above the midprice range of loudspeakers, there is no...

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