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    Need advice: Allnic H7000 or H8000 or...

    Dear all, I am in the process of acquiring a new phono stage and I have pinned down my decision around Allnic. I have positive experience with the brand, like their philosophy, sound and flexibility of their phono stages. Model H 7000 would be a logical economical decision but I cannot decide...
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    VTL Siegfried II - long term report

    Dear all, It is true that it is quite quiet at the VTL forum and it is IMHO petty that this brand is overlooked among many new trendy brands with more aggressive digital presence. I want to share with you my experience with VTL Siegfried II after two and half years of usage. Although...
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    Line Magnetic audio horns - any experience? Field coil?

    Dear all, The more experience I have with speakers, the more I am convinced that the right speakers for me are horns, which offer high sensitivity, organic direct sound and openess. For me reference speakers are Living Voice Olympian and WE (which I have heard several times at Munich high...
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    New DAC - does it need MQA to play MQA files?

    Dear all, I am thinking of buying a new DAC but I do not fully understand the compatibility with MQA. Does a new DAC need to have MQA incorporated in order to play MQA based files/streaming? Or can the conversion be "pushed" up to the chain: to a streamer or music player (like roon or audio...
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    Tube preamp for low gain A class solid state - need recommendations

    Hi everbody, I would kindly ask you to help me to find the best (tube) preamp for my msb m204 monoblocks, which have a rather low gain of 18db (low setting=best soundwise). I have tried ayon spheris iii and thrax dionysis but had rather mixed results: the drive, the presence and the body...

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