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    mola mola Tambaqui

    Tambaqui - wow :) sounds sublime!
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    Belden Iconoclast cables

    @tony22 maybe i shouldnt have heard the OFE :) Now i am stumped. the SPTPC seems to be more open, wider but the OFE seems to have better clarity At the expense of a narrower soundstage, but beautiful timbre. However after listening for a while i did enjoy the sptpc more and thats what i have...
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    Thanks, i had. It was more on this forum that i was after. For example there is a ton of positive and glowing Lampi experiences :) but very limited tamabaqui ones.
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    This dac has not been reviewed much here...i wonder why that is. Have ppl not hearD it or does the sq not justify the price point.
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    Belden Iconoclast cables

    Thanks for sharing your experience @tony22 Will be hearing the ofe’s next week.
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    Belden Iconoclast cables

    I have been listening to the iconoclasts sptpc and am blown away. Will give the iconoclasts ofc a listen as well. Great speaker cables.
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    Asc Tube Traps Gik Soffits

    Anyone here using the AsC tube traps or the GiK soffit base traps? Would live to hear what works, what’s more effective and what you prefer. Regards E
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    Best DACs comparison test result [[My Subjective Opinion]]

    Verastarr - u should compare directstream in your shootouts as well. That would be great.
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    Lampizator, Stereophile, Direcstream and which one

    Hi All, I have a few questions. I see a lot of love for the Lampi dacs on this forum and so am coming around to audition one at home. However i have a few questions. 1. How much of a sonic diff is there between the Atlantic+TRP vs the GA+TRP ? Is the value of the price diff warranted by that...
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable

    Hi Folks, has anyone here compared this to the Lush^2 usb cable. The lush cable gets rave reviews on CA and is 1/3rd the price of this usb. Thanks, E
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    Yvette vs Sabrina

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Much appreciated. As much as i love your set up, its upwards of $70k and beyong my budget. TBH I was suspecting that the Yvettes would need a ton of power /great amp for it to truly sparkle. Not what other cheaper amps i could get away with. Im...
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    Yvette vs Sabrina

    Pretty eclectic taste - Il listen to classical, rock, pop, jazz - so its all over the place. Thanks for pointing me towards the Rockport Atria II's as well. Im in WA and realize that I dont have any dealers carrying the Rockports....
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    Yvette vs Sabrina

    Hi Folks, 1st time poster here who has enjoyed and learned from these forums. I have been toying with this decision for a year and am no closer to making sense of my deranged mind. I am considering either the yvettes or the Sabrina’s. What I have struggled with is to rationalize the value...

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