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  1. Ovenmitt

    Sensitive Sound Verona - taking it for a spin

    Erik, from @Solypsa Audio, noticed from some of my earlier postings on WBF that I was using an SME 3012-1 as one of the main tonearms in my system. He contacted me and wondered if I would be interested in demoing one of the Sensitive Sound cartridges he imports into North America. Evidently, the...
  2. Ovenmitt

    Mono Cartridge Suggestions

    I hoping that the WBF community might be able to give me a little guidance and direction on choosing a mono cartridge for my system. I have never owned a mono cartridge and would like to see what it's all about. I am currently running three different turntables into an EMT JPA 66 Mk.2 phono...
  3. Ovenmitt

    The Covid-19 Playlist

    I'm thinking that its about time we start a "shelter in place" playlist. Let's call it the Covid-19 essentials. WBF community, what music is getting you through these tough, stay at home times? What is your list of 19 songs that give you inspiration, make you laugh, and promote light and love...
  4. Ovenmitt

    Blonde on Blonde... on Blonde

    In my isolation and growing boredom I thought I would try to share some pictures and information from some of my escapades in turntable (make that turntable plinth) building. I have been able to have fun making a lot of sawdust turn into something that actually plays music... added bonus - It...
  5. Ovenmitt

    SME 3012 Series 1

    At last count, there are over 1,000 posts to the SME 3012R thread. I wonder if there are many people in our community using the series 1 version of this wonderful tonearm? There isn’t a lot about it on the interwebs and what I do find seems a bit contradictory - what is the actual pivot to...
  6. Ovenmitt

    What are you favorite 845 tubes?

    Hello out there in tube land, I have been using an ART Audio PX25 amp to power my Avantgarde Duo’s for the past few years. Since owning it, I have rolled in some NOS triode and rectifier tubes to amazing effect. I just purchased a pair of Nagra VPA’s and can’t help but wonder about some of the...
  7. Ovenmitt

    Experience with overseas purchase

    Hello Whatsbest community. I am a longtime lurker but infrequent poster, so I’m hoping that I am posting this question in the right forum and that my question is appropriate here. I am contemplating a pretty expensive purchase from the U.K.; a dealer named Midland Audio Exchange. I wonder if...
  8. Ovenmitt

    Thinking of upgrading my Aesthetix Callisto sig to Eclipse

    A longtime lurker here but infrequent poster, I’m hoping for some help from the community. I currently have an Aesthetix Callisto signature pre-amp and am thinking of upgrading it to current Eclipse status. I can’t find much on the interwebs on the new Eclipse and wonder if anyone has experience...

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