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    Living at the Extreme: I bought a Taiko Extreme and then this happened...

    Hi Ed, Besides Sablon , what other large gauge wire pc would you recommend?
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Will there be an Extreme at Axponia?
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    FS: Stacore Basic Plus Isolation platform.

    FS: Stacore Basic Plus Isolation platform. Please read Spirits Rave Reviews on this world class isolation platform from Poland. I purchased 4 and only need 3. The price is 3200. Picture to follow.
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    FS: Transparent Audio Reference XL SS 8ft Speaker cable.

    FS: Transparent Audio Reference XL SS 8ft Speaker cable. Ideal for a sub woofer. Free Shipping to lower 48. I will pay PP fees. $600
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    FS: Shunyata Research 1.75M Alpha HC Power Cable IEC 15 Amp

    Shunyata Research 1.75M Alpha HC Power Cable IEC 15 Amp. I have 2 for sale. $600 each. Free Shipping in lower 48. I will pay PP Fees.
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    FS: Spectral UL-60 Ultralineal 3 Speaker cables

    FS: Spectral UL-360 Ultralinial 8 Ft speaker cables. $2200.
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    Spectral DMA 360 series 3 single Mono

    FS: Spectral DMA 360 series 3 single mono for sale . Ideal for a passive sub. free shipping in the Us and I will pay PP fees. Asking 3K.
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    FS: Center Stage feet.

    FS: Worlds best isolation feet. Six 1 inch feet for sale $325 each. I originally bought 21 but now only 15. Free shipping and I will pay PP fees.
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    FS: SGM 2015 music server.

    FS: SGM 2015 black music server. 2 TB. Free shipping in the US. See Positive Feedback review. New 16K . Will sell for 9K with free shipping and I pay PP. fees.
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    The 1st SGM Server EVO Edition in Hong Kong

    How is the upgrade done in the US? Who would do it? Cost?
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    Testing and embracing Stacore

    I recently installed 2 Basic Plus's and 2 Advanced Stacore's in my 16 x 22 x 10 room. In short, this is the best my room has ever sounded. Pin point imaging, a wide wrap around sound stage and much improved bass. A friend of mine met Jarek in Poland this summer. When he returned and after...
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    Confessions of an Audiophile Junky-I Got Center Stage With Pitch Perfect Sound

    Center Stage under my SGM server I recently installed 4CS feet under my SGM server. I let them settle in for one week without listening. The biggest thing I noticed when I started listening again was that the sound stage had expanded to to what I would call wrap around and imaging was pin...
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    Center Stage Feet

    I recently installed 4 1 inch footers under my 75 lb SGM server and let it play for about 1 week before listening. The the biggest thing I noticed immediately was that the sound stage wrapped around my speakers like it never had before. The imaging was precise and crystal clear. A friend...
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    A world first? Passive v active isolation platforms test

    I have just ordered 2 Basic+'s and 1 Advanced for my VAC 450 Monos and my Dac for Oct delivery. Thanks Spirit for all the feedback on Stacore. They are super people to deal with.
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    Active isolation, another report

    Spirit, What is the web address for the Kuraka?
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    Active isolation, another report

    Spirit, What is the retail on Kuraka and the Stacor?
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    My Magico M3s have just arrived

    Thanks for the info. GOOD to know.
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    My Magico M3s have just arrived

    Once the Qpods have been installed and the pins pulled, are they easy to move on a hardwood floor?
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    LG W7 OLED TV Hands On | 2017 Model

    What is the price?
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    Stillpoints Aperture Acoustic Panels

    What is the best way to attach them to a wall? Is there an easy way to hang them?
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    Dmc-30sc dma-240

    How long until they release a new dac?
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    Trinity DAC

    Mike, Can you order the Trinity with remoter vol control so you can direct to your amps? Cyrus
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    Interesting Vivid Listening Rooms (world-wide) - Show Us Yours !

    Rodney, What is your room size?
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    Tres Amigos Visit The Pacific Northwest For A Weekend Of Listening Bliss

    Hope this thread can serve as a model for some great future threads. There probably are other cities where other audiophiles could do a similar thread. How about Ny, Toronto, Dallas, Chicago to name a few. Hard to top the Tres Amigos thread however. You do feel like you were along for the...
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    Tres Amigos Visit The Pacific Northwest For A Weekend Of Listening Bliss

    Steve, Fantastic write up. I have been to Mike's room about 8 years ago. Looks like it is time to make another trip. Zagfan
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    New and Updated Shunyata Research Power Conditioners Announced

    Caelin, There seems to be a few questions about how to use the 4 binding post on the back of the new Triton V2. Is it a diffeerent grounding system than Entreq and Tripoint? Redundant? What components would you recommend be grounded to it? What kind of cables, etc? Can they be used on...
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    LL21-Spiritofmusic, I have a Olympus Tellus on order. Do you feel Stillpoints are a nessary option?
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Anyone familiar with the Olympus Tellus?

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