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  1. CKKeung

    KEF Blade One Meta - A surprise!

    The KEF Hong Kong Office gave a pair of the new Blade One Meta to for review and publicity. I went there for an audition last night. What a surprise!!! KEF's previous Blades are not my cup of tea. I personally think that they are a bit clinical and uninvolving. This pair of...
  2. CKKeung

    New SACD players from Luxman & Audia Flight at Munich High End 2022

    IMO CD and SACD are not dead yet, at least in the far east. :D There are two new sacd players debuted at the High End Munich 2022 : 1. Luxman D-07X - Equipped with the original high-rigidity mechanism "LxDTM-i" that...
  3. CKKeung

    The Digital Director - A new MSB product improving everything from the source to the output

    Great news for MSB fans. MSB will debut a new product series at the High End Munich 2022 show. I have got the info but my contacts have asked me to keep it a secret until MSB gives the official pre-Munich show press release this or next week. What I can disclose here now is that the products...
  4. CKKeung

    CH Precision D1.5 Transport : Extension of a new horizon

    I posted a comment on another WBF thread several days ago, saying that I would tell WBF brothers my views on the new CH Precision D1.5 transport. #278 of During the past few days, I have been...
  5. CKKeung

    New Totaldac products in 2022 : D1-Twelve Mk3

    Hi Vincent, Just noticed that there is a new D1-Twelve Mk3 dac on your website. May we know what have been improved compared to the Mk2? Many thanks.
  6. CKKeung

    The D1-Direct dac is the Soundstage Network Product of the Year 2021.

    Congratulations! The D1-Direct dac is the Soundstage Network Product of the Year 2021.
  7. CKKeung

    Clones Audio full discrete linear power supply kit for Jeff Rowland Capri Series preamplifier
  8. CKKeung

    WestminsterLab makes DC cables for MSB DACs

    WestminsterLab has been making audiophile cables for nearly 10 years. They make two models of DC cables for replacing the original DC cables of Lumin's and MSB's respectively : Now there is a review ...
  9. CKKeung

    The coming MSB M205 mono poweramp ☝ " ... The design for MSB’s newest amps—the mono version of the S202 is coming out very soon ... " WBF member Quaddiffusor told me that the coming M205 mono poweramp was developed from the S202 stereo...
  10. CKKeung

    Luxman new M-10X power amplifier

    Luxman eventually launches a new power amplifier : M-10X ! The spec is very good : Here is a Japanese review (pls read with google translate) :
  11. CKKeung

    QSA : My take on their expensive products

    Threre has been another WBF thread on QSA fuses for some weeks already, but I still want to share with WBF brothers my personal audition/comparison experience. Disclaimer : I am NOT in anyway in the music/hifi industry in Hong Kong. I am only an audiophile and consumer. All WBF brothers who...
  12. CKKeung

    Michael Fremer's home power-system story

    Both an entertaining and useful youtube. :D
  13. CKKeung

    MSB's new Premier Headphone Amplifier

    A prototype has been made and demoed in Japan : The black colour headamp in the above photos is the Premier Headamp prototype. It's said to be superior to most headamps in the market, except its two elder brothers. :cool: BTW it has one very intriguing feature : it does NOT have a volume...
  14. CKKeung

    Ediscreation Ultra Silent Ripper : a CAS best-buy made by Edison Wong in Hong Kong

    Following his Silent Switch OCXO, the Ediscreation Ultra Silent Ripper is another CAS best-buy made by Edison Wong in Hong Kong : A friend of mine bought one last month. We together "opened-box" and tested ripping with different add-on...
  15. CKKeung

    Discontuation of MSB Transports

    This is inevitable. :( I hope that MSB can further improve its Renderer. Will optical isolation be implemented in the future Renderer V3? Otherwise we have to pair MSB dac with better servers/streamers such as Extreme, Pink Faun, Innuos...
  16. CKKeung

    Technics SP-10R with OMA cast-iron plinth : both Modern & Nostalgic!

    Technics has launched their new model of direct-drive turntable SP-10R for a few years. There isn't any dealer for it in Hong Kong so it's until last week that I had the chance to listen to it at a friend's home. My friend David pairs it with the Oswalda Mill Audio cast-iron plinth. MF wrote a...
  17. CKKeung

    CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)

    The flagship Series 10 of CH Precision was announced during the Munich Show in 2019. A few engineering prototypes were displayed then and Florian claimed that they would be ready to launch by the end of 2019. Delay seems to be inevitable...
  18. CKKeung

    Vertere HBS power-cable : IMHO the 2nd Best Power-cable for Frontends/Preamps

    Ever since I shared with WBF brothers the CrystalConnect Art Series Da Vinci cables in Dec 2020, I received many pm. The numerous pm can be summarized to 2 simple comments : 1. The Da Vinci...
  19. CKKeung

    New MSB footers 2021

  20. CKKeung

    An all-Goldmund system in Hong Kong 2021

    The owner replaced his all-Accuphase system with Goldmunds. The new sacd player, 22H preamp, 2500 monos and Apologue Anniv speaker!
  21. CKKeung

    The Craziest Flagship-grade Phonoamps Shootout!

    I am often asked by WBF brothers to report on or to arrange direct shootout of hifi components. Yes, Hong Kong is a compact city with many hifi dealers and I have many audiophile friends. However direct shootouts of flagship-grade components are difficult to arrange, because of obvious reasons...
  22. CKKeung

    Lyra Connoisseur Preamp : Senior but not Senile!

    A good friend of mine recently bought an used Lyra Connoisseur Preamp. It has been discontinued for years but the condition is excellent! It is a Japanese 100V version. When my friend brought it home and have a brief listen, a 220v-to-100V transformer was used. Quite inconvenient but why...
  23. CKKeung

    YG Hailey 2.2 + CMS CenterStage2 LS footers : Mind-blowing!

    I am a fans of CMS CenterStage2 footers. Their new LS Series footers for loudspeakers have arrived in Hong Kong not too long ago. A friend of mine visited the dealer showroom and told me that the LS footers could transform a pair of YG Hailey to Sonja, performance-wise. :eek: Was he bluffing? I...
  24. CKKeung

    Aurender N30 - To stay competitive in 2021

    A comprehensive Korean review of Aurender N30 (please use google translate) :
  25. CKKeung

    Goebel Divin Noblesse : the best speaker I auditioned in 2020

    2020 is an horrible year. Hope that the vaccines can be light of the end of the tunnel. Let's talk about something which is joyful in 2020. I Iistened to the Goebel Divin Noblesse three times, not in dealer's showroom but in a private music room of an owner. Here is his music room : The...
  26. CKKeung

    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    Stereophonic asked me via pm to talk more on a new audiophile switch launched by N&E Creations of Hong Kong. It's actually deaigned and made by Edison, a friend of mine and one of the two partners of N&E. My previous threads on audiophile switches seem to have have stirred up the WBF CAS...
  27. CKKeung

    CrystalConnect Art Series Da Vinci - Best Cables of 2020

    Disclaimer : Although the title of this thread is Best Cable of 2020, that's my personal view only and YMMV. ;) In fact Crystal cables are all along not my cup of tea. In the past I considered them too finesse/civilized. However both Siltech and Crystal have a lot of changes during the recent...
  28. CKKeung

    New creation from Yamada San of Zanden : Gohsetsu (傲雪)

    What was Yamada San doing? Answer : That's the external PSU of his new creation, the Gohsetsu (傲雪) preamp! The first Gohsetsu is now in the Divin Lab in Hong Kong, one of the showrooms of Audioexotics. Can you point it out in the photo? :D
  29. CKKeung

    Upgrading from P1 to Mono-P1 : experience & tips

    A good friend of mine nicknamed Simcity is a diehard fan of CH Precison. He has owned a P1 for several years. Last week he encountered another used P1 for sale and couldn't resist the itch. He bought it for upgrading to a Mono-P1 configuration. According to the P1 manual, setting up Mono-P1...

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