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  1. Chop

    Dynamic range and gain riding

    "...Operate within its specifications where it was not prior to the change in platform". Excellent and plausible, thanks Tima.
  2. Chop

    Dynamic range and gain riding

    Thanks for your note Tima. I have added some bold for clarity in my following comments. Firstly, I believe the principle behind their use is vibration transmission not component isolation. I found the ramification of this very counter intuitive to start with but it definitely works for me. YMMV...
  3. Chop

    Dynamic range and gain riding

    I found the same subjective increase in dynamic range & dropping of the noise floor by switching to Symposium Rollerblocks & Super Platforms. The way I would describe it is that for the same volume setting the quiet sections are quieter but just as clear, and the loud sections are appreciably...
  4. Chop

    Kuzma SAFIR 9

    Call me old fashioned and I'm sure its wonderful, but you wouldn't call it aesthetically pleasing would you? For the cost you'd think a little attention to a buyer's pride of ownership would come in somewhere... wouldn't you? <shrug> perhaps it's just me.
  5. Chop

    BEST300B.COM Tube Buying Experience?

    I'm trying very very hard to buy some tubes from him. He's a nice guy but incredibly slow to respond.
  6. Chop

    SCAudiophile Appointed as a Moderator

    Congrats from the UK Mark, & thank you for taking it on!
  7. Chop


    Hi Peter (I added numbering to your post) For me its primarily #1& 2 in your list. For me both add to the "realism" of the event taking place in your room. I think 3&4 are artefacts of greater detail. What I think I am hearing is that as my systems ability to resolve smaller gradations of...
  8. Chop


    I really enjoy air and 3D soundstaging on a recording. I have been devouring this fascinating thread, written by more erudite & experienced people who for the most part have better systems than me. :) I thought I'd briefly explain a journey in the hope that it adds something. Intellectually I...
  9. Chop

    Your All Time Favorite Preamplifiers?

    Audio Research SP8. Had one in the late 80's. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be :)
  10. Chop


    Quite ridiculous. Congratulations! You've found todays comedian. :)
  11. Chop

    Best analogue recording of Satie's Gymnopedies?

    Rensselaer, I love Satie on vinyl as well. I'd say buy ASD2389 for the sound quality and the Roge for the performance, just. Buy either with confidence. I have both the Decca 410-220-2 vinyl and the Ciccolinis, and although as the sleeve above shows the Roge is digital to vinyl IMO the sound is...
  12. Chop

    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    Well, my son is really interested & he's 24. He loves all sorts of music & loves sitting and listening to Dad's system. But then he's been brainwashed... One day he will end up with my system (hopefully not for another 50 years :)) and wants to know how to put it together "but there are a crazy...
  13. Chop

    An Allnic system?

    The Westinghouse was a huge improvement. 101d's eh? That's interesting. You mentioned talking to him before, I must get around to it.
  14. Chop

    Phono cables - the most sensitive and critical cable in your system

    Mike L's post #5 above, about a phono cable being an opportunity to optimise information is exactly what I think. The smaller the signal the more carefully you have to look after it. I bought a custom LFD phono cable via Mik at Unique Audio. Expensive but it has been wonderful. Gloriously clear...
  15. Chop

    An Allnic system?

    Oh right. Yes of course. NOS Westinghouse 5U4G. BIG improvement. Not tried the Riccardo Kron KR yet.
  16. Chop

    An Allnic system?

    Yes its a DHT pre I was fantasizing about. Not sure what you mean by the revel...You mean my Avatar photo? That's a VERY old photo - the little boy in it is now doing a physics PhD!
  17. Chop

    An Allnic system?

    I've been running an H7000V for a couple of months now and couldn't be happier. Fantasizing about a Allnic pre amp now. That Allnic slope is slippery...
  18. Chop

    Kuzma SAFIR 9

    This could work like a dream with Koetsu's!
  19. Chop

    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    I'd be interested to understand what you are comparing these "better vinyl pressings" and "better masterings" to. 1-3 may be reasonable examples of incremental improvements in the technology used to play back vinyl LP's but from my experience I take issue with #4 in the vast majority of cases...
  20. Chop

    Zen and the Art of Audio, Part 1

    Excellent letter. I live with one of those... :)
  21. Chop

    Which will be your next purchase?

    An Allnic H7000V , SR Purple fuses and some back up PX25 valves. Oh, and a stone body Koetsu. I have plans. I need money :)
  22. Chop

    Munchen High end show 2022

    I really fancy going to this - I'm ashamed to say I've never been to the Munich show - but I'll leave it until the last minute as well.
  23. Chop

    Max Townshend RIP

    Nice note Mik. Its a great shame to lose him.
  24. Chop

    Congratulations every time you buy a component

    I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy: when I finally find the used black H7000V I'm looking for people are welcome to congratulate the seller for selling it to me OR me for buying it, or both!
  25. Chop

    Welcome Xander and a trip to Mikes place.

    This is a great and heartwarming story, well done both of you
  26. Chop


    Hi Nemal1 FWIW, I read mtemur's message as trying to be helpful not patronizing. IMO, this generally ISN'T like loads of other forums where everyone is trying to abuse everyone else. Might be worth assuming its a misunderstanding and give him the benefit of the doubt? Maybe I'm being naive..
  27. Chop

    "Cordial Participation" in Terms of Service 2.

    Ron, I appreciate your efforts to maintain standards of civil behaviour and forum culture. I also appreciate you welcoming the debate in this thread. Its difficult but we have to struggle with keeping the friendly and intelligent culture we have built here. I was reminded in a work context years...
  28. Chop

    Aesthetix Io Users Group

    Thanks Redcars, that's a hell of a post. Glowing but pointing out a couple of cautionary things to watch for. . I'm curious, the ART was well regarded though I appreciate it is 20 years old now. The Metis seems to have flown under the radar without any reviews other than this one!
  29. Chop

    F1 motorsports

    Aint that the truth!
  30. Chop

    F1 motorsports

    What he said. So...Hamilton is 10 seconds ahead with 5 cars between Verstappen and him, and when they restart the cars have been removed and Verstappen is allowed to be on his tail. Michael Masi the race director literally changing the rules on the fly. This was a quite jaw dropping con to...

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