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  1. marty

    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Sinope USB cable

    Sorry, I posted my Sinope thoughts here- see post # 656
  2. marty

    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    The FTA Sinope USB cable USB cables are one of those necessary evils we all endure. They all have personalities. The trick is to find one that gets out of the way as best as possible and leaves you smiling when you listen. Most of us have tried a few to find the best match for one's system...
  3. marty

    Any cyclists here?

    Gorgeous pics
  4. marty

    Wadax Munich 2022

    Steve, I'm afraid that what you don't seem to understand is that comments like yours only serve to facilitate such behavior. That you implicate "their purpose" with out having spoken them directly, or having read anything anyone has said in regard to their purpose is more than not admirable. It...
  5. marty

    Wadax Munich 2022

    Nonsense. Is expressing an honest opinion discrediting anyone? I was clear in saying what my concerns were, in stating I thought the Wadax DAC was a good unit, but that it was not my preference. Nor did I read any one else's comments that "hit below the belt": Yours are exactly the kind of...
  6. marty

    How do you know what you want from your audio system?

    I loved this comment. I've raised this point repeatedly. It's not just the metals of your cables and conductors that matter. It's what they are plugged into that are just as important. Your premise is actually well grounded in the physics of metallurgy...
  7. marty

    How do you know what you want from your audio system?

    Loved you post. Not saying I agreed with all of it but that's both to be expected and equally irrelevant. The point is, I respect your perspective. You are on a journey much like all of us. So many of us started with DIY or modifying gear, especially with the budget constraints all of had when...
  8. marty

    Wadax Munich 2022

    Thanks for the correction. Still, there's a similarity to the Meitner IMHO, albeit the Wadax is significantly better in tone
  9. marty

    Wadax Munich 2022

    Not surprising, there appears to be a range of opinions on the Wadax. I have now heard it in 4 different and very good systems and I tend to agree with the comments above. It does indeed have excellent tone. It is also low in distortion and I have no quarrel with the bass I have heard (generally...
  10. marty

    LampizatOr Horizon - Tube Rolling Paradise

    :) See you and call! I was a student working the concert as a security guard (the very definition of a joke) on 10-26-71at the U Rochester Palestra. I saw the concert from the front row and snapped this pic of Jerry from 5 ft away. Fortunately, I didn't drink the OJ being passed around that night.
  11. marty

    Electrical power panel

    Mike Here's an unabashed plug for Rex. His knowledge on panels and load centers exemplary. Even better, the custom work he did on the the Square D panel w a silver plated copper buss he did for me recently is outstanding. I ran into Mike Fremer at AXPONA and he concurs that Rex's work is...
  12. marty

    How do you know what you want from your audio system?

    Exactly. Want to know what I''m looking for in my audio system? That's it. I don't care if its from a kitchen radio or my big rig. Forget the pedantic discussion of gear and all that discussion about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Nobody ever asked Beethoven what he wanted from...
  13. marty

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Elon wants to know if you have a banker. He wants to talk M&A. Said he can put 1000 coders on this next week. :cool:
  14. marty

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Elon Musk just told me he thinks you're on to something.
  15. marty

    Munchen High end show 2022

    Very strange. You can't find any detailed info on these speakers at all on the FM website! It's like a child the parents forgot to put in the car for a family road trip.
  16. marty

    Munchen High end show 2022

    What speakers are these please?
  17. marty

    Do Tubes Homogenize the Sound of Our Music?

    Ron's a clever guy. He asks a question he already knows the answer to but acts as a crafty provocateur by asking it anyway. How do I know Ron knows the answer? Simple, he has owned plenty of tube gear. He knows that pages have been written about the different SQ for the same tubes made by...
  18. marty

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Emile Thanks for the promptness and clarity of your reply. But shouldn't you all be drinking beer and eating schnitzel and sausage by now? However, to address the fuse, power cord, conditioner points: 1) Although I am neurotic enough to spend hours changing metals on cable terminations and...
  19. marty

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    I was under the impression that Munich would be the reveal of XDMS as well as the switch. It appears the BPS was the focus of Taiko's new products. Can we get a more granular estimate of when XDMS and the switch (and/or other products) will be commercialized? Gotta start saving those pennies now...
  20. marty

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Absolutely true. But unfortunately, we must make concessions to reality. Overall quite excellent but many are a tad bright. Not true of the Lewis Layton RCA Living Stereos or the Ken Wilkinson Decca's.
  21. marty

    Re-imagining "Class A" Amplification

    Excellent question and one that every Class A amplifier designer has to consider. When Flemming Rasmussen designed the Gryphon class A amps, he felt there was no short cut as anything less than full bias meant the amplifier devices were not operating in their ideal linear range. The trade off...
  22. marty

    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I saw some TV cameras recording the performance but had no idea what it was for. I assumed it was for future broadcasts, but the Live in HD on the big screen is terrific.
  23. marty

    Ron's Subjectivity & Balance Argument.

    The day I aspire to have a music system that sounds like a video of anybody's music system is the day I want to be institutionalized. I thought the idea was to have a music reproduction system that sounded like unamplified instruments in their actual performance space (as best as it can be...
  24. marty

    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    Nadine Sierra in Lucia di Lammermoor at the Met I saw this review of the stunning new staging of Lucia di Lammermoor at the Metropolitan Opera and knew I had to get tickets immediately. Thankfully there were a few good seats left. It sold out immediately after the review was printed 2 weeks...
  25. marty

    Lampizator announcement: launch of our all new TOTL HORIZON DAC

    Is the top some sort of "orange peel" lacquer paint over pure copper?
  26. marty

    ♫ What Jazz Music Selection are you Listening to in the Now? | Analog, Digital ♪♫♫♪♫♪

    Paul Smith was an outstanding Jazz pianist who died in 2013 at the age of 91. A superb be-bop pianist who resided in California, he was known as the ultimate studio musician and was the long time accompanist for many singers such as Ella and Mel Torme. He also had several albums as a leader. I...
  27. marty

    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Beautiful Sunday AM music LOVE the gear. That is the receiver I grew up with in my home until I left for college. Brings back such wonderful memories. Gorgeous case work.
  28. marty

    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    This thread has become like driving by a car crash and craning your neck to see what happened. You don't want to do it but you can't help yourself. Closing it would be censorship, but letting it die a natural death by not posting anything more would be more like a welcome mercy killing.
  29. marty

    Sublime Sound

    Much of the discussion in the “State of the Industry” thread has been mistakenly been put there inappropriately as it has nothing to do with the Roy Gregory Editorial that was the topic of the OP. Specifically, the “natural sound” discussions have continued ad nauseum among several members and...
  30. marty

    State of the industry - Roy Gregory Editorial

    I don't get the point of the previous post. Does this suggest we should buying our gear out of the trunk of a car? Reminds me of the Commando 450 shower head from Seinfeld.

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