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    Anyone Still Using One of These? Shure M212

    About 35 years ago I placed a "Large Loudspeakers Wanted" advert in a local newspaper and received a reply offering a pair of what turned out to be Westrex 2326A studio speakers. I paid £20 for the pair not knowing anything about Westrex. A bargain I thought. The seller asked if I was...
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    Duelund Speaker Cables for Avantgarde Speakers

    I’d like to hear from anyone using these speaker cables, particularly the “Duelund Dual DCA16GA tinned copper multistrand wire in cotton and oil”. This is the cable I think may...
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    At Last! My new baby has been delivered?

    After many months of waiting, my NAD M33 has been delivered. I'll get back to you very soon with initial impressions and comparisons with M32. Peter
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    Hybrid Integrated Amp with DAC

    Looking for a hybrid integrated amp with DAC. Tubes for preamp stage, ss for power stage. No need for huge power as feeding Avantgarde horn speakers and no need for any analogue inputs. What's out there? I know of: Copland CSA 100 appears a possibility but has no AES/EBU input and rather too...
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    Isolation Feet for Avantgarde - IsoAcoustics Gaia or bFLY Talis Pro

    My new Avantgarde Duo speakers have arrived, but I find they are too tall ! The Manual suggests they should be tilted so one can just see the top of the bass enclosure. This requires much more tilt than I want from an aesthetic point of view. The design includes rather fancy adjustable-height...
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    The Significance of Speaker Impedance – Avantgarde’s Change from 8 to 18 Ohms

    When I first started dabbling with loudspeaker design and my own DIY efforts, virtually all hi-fi speakers were rated at 15 ohms. Then rather rapidly the industry moved to 8 ohm speakers. Why? Was it the transition from tube to solid state amplification that prompted this wholesale change...
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    A Suggesting about Search

    I'm having difficulties with the Search facility on this site. I see no way to specify "Exact Match" where I could look for matches to for example "Aurender A30". If I try this phrase, I get matches to all mentions of Aurender and all mentions of A30. If I simply enter A30, I'm told this is...
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    Loudspeaker Suggestions Please – Alternatives to Avantgarde Mezzo

    I’m looking to upgrade my old Avantgarde Duo horn speakers and am almost decided on Avantgarde Mezzo XD or possibly Duo XD. I love the sound of Avantgarde speakers and their quirky looks. Looks are especially important as the speakers stand in the middle of my large semi-circular room. With a...
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    The Audion Mono Amps from AGD Production

    There's hardly a word about this miniscule Class D amplifier in this forum, so I'm wondering if anyone here owns this odd-looking mono amp, or has first hand experience. It's a cute looking thing that has most of its electronics built into what looks like a vacuum tube - but it isn't! On...
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    Has Mark Levinson Missed a Trick with their 5000 Series?

    Last year I arranged a home trial of the new "sensibly priced" 5805 integrated amp, although I'd go for the 5802 digital only version myself as I use no analogue sources. It's a great amp and includes a good DAC. However, they also offer the new 5101 "Network Streaming SACD / CD Player". So...
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    Cabledyne - Still in Business?

    2 or 3 years ago I bought a pair of Cabledyne Reference Silver speaker cables and long jumpers for my Avantgarde speakers. I chose these after forum recommendations and they were sensibly priced - and sound pretty good to me. Today I can't find any trace of their existence. is...

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