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    Florida Audio Expo 2021 cancelled :(
  2. audio.bill

    Ortofon's new flagship 'MC Century' announced

    A newly developed Anniversary moving coil cartridge, the Ortofon MC Century coming soon! The MC Century represents the absolute top of Moving Coil cartridges. This state of the art product is truly exemplary of the highest degree of performance possible in contemporary analogue playback...
  3. audio.bill

    FS: Bryston BDA-3 DAC with BR-2 remote - Mint condition

    *** SALE PENDING *** Bryston’s current top of the line BDA-3 DAC. I purchased this DAC brand new from an authorized Bryston dealer in February of 2016 along with the optional BR-2 remote. It has the 17” silver faceplate with optional blue LEDs and is in mint condition. The remainder of...
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    Finding High-Res Music

    Here's a site to help you find sources for high-res music files. It allows you to search for specific titles and lists some current specials. Find High Definition Audio
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    Luxman C-900u Preamplifier

    I've owned the Luxman C-900u flagship preamplifier for nine months now, and it is absolutely one of the finest components I have ever come across. Not only is its sonic performance at the highest level, but it is literally built like a tank and always an absolute pleasure to use. I noticed that...
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    Luxman D-08u CD/SACD player & DAC at AXPONA

    I just spent a couple of days at AXPONA and had a chance to wander into many different rooms there. One of the best sounding setups I heard was using CAT electronics (the SL-1 Renaissance Black Path Edition pre and JL5 amp) driving Vivid Audio Giya 3 speakers. The sound was very realistic...
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    Free Naim 24bit/48kHz Album Download (until 1/1/14)

    Naim is currently offering a free download of their album "Best of British and Beyond" in resolution up to 24bit/48kHz. Happy holidays, and enjoy the free tunes! :D

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